Friday, September 28

first thoughts on my blog

For a few days now, I have been thinking of making a blog, but didn't know how until Jonathan from work showed me his. Seems easy enough, time will tell. I am not sure why I wanted to do this, other than I realize that in my life, I do have profound thoughts from time to time. I also realize that life really is quite short, and sometimes we don't record the things that we want to! So, maybe this will be one of those ways to do that! The other day, while on a personal "spiritual retreat" day, which was an amazingly beautiful day and time away with GOD, I was walking down close to the river, thinking and praying. It was there that the blog site came to mind again. It was also on this walk that I realized what a gift that life really is - I am so blessed. First of all because of Jesus - where would I be without Him!! God, you are so good. Then, my husband, my love and my best friend... and my kids! I feel so blessed as a woman, a wife, and a mom.

I have had many things happen in my life, and I see the growth as a result. Over a year ago, I seemingly had a close brush with death - but God obviously wasn't done with me yet! So, I continue on and it is my prayer that in all things, others would be touched by Jesus through me. He has impressed on me the desire to live life to the fullest!! Kind of like the slogan, Go Big or Go Home!! I have life ahead of me, and God, please help me to live every day to the max.
May this be a place, that even if no one else ever reads it, that it records some of those "a-ha" moments as well as what I love to call my "God moments" when I am reminded again just how precious life is because of Jesus!