Thursday, January 29

Morning Glory Muffins and prayers - and the privilege to be a part of this adventure!

It is almost midnight and I am baking muffins
the dishwasher is going, cleaning dishes from guests at supper
the oven is making its "convection oven" sound
and I can hear my sweet man from the couch - and he says he doesn't snore!

I can smell the "morning glory" muffins
And I can pray while they bake ...

O Lord, bless the ones who eat these muffins.
Give them safe travels
And good conversation.
Give them quiet times of reflection while they travel miles
and miles
and miles
with gifts of blessings
sent by those who love YOU Lord God,
and want in turn to share with others.

Bless each mile.
In your beautiful country.
Bless each mile on ice roads, and Lord, please surround them while they drive on these roads.
Bless each mile as they get closer to their destination.

Lord you call each of us
on our own journey
and sometimes you allow us to bless others.
I pray this for these men.
Bless them and those they come in contact with.
Each man and woman,
Each boy and girl.

I can see through the window of the oven
and the muffins are baking and almost done
and then they will hit the freezer so they are easier to pack and take.
With each bite Lord, I ask you to remind them that they have a family of God praying for them.
With each bite, please remind them that YOU give us all that wee need each day.
With each bite, fill their stomachs with nourishment, but allow them the time to feast on your WORD which gives the most important FOOD of all.

LORD GOD, I ask you to bless the supplies that they are taking.
Bless each person that receives something that has been given in your name.
Whether it be toothbrushes or toothpaste,
touques, mitts and scarves

For the nursing station that will be blessed, especially with the elliptical machine :)
I ask you Lord God - to help them to be encouraged and loved on.
For each baby that receives nourishment from the formula given,
and each one wrapped in a beautiful hand made blanket.
We pray for each little life.

There is a trip ahead
And hearts that are excited
Please Lord, go before them ...
watch over them
guide them
and speak to them
and bring them back safely.

Bless the hands that gave, and the hands that deliver and the hands that receive.
May we continue to pray - and thank you that you call each of us to something different.
We praise you Lord God - ALMIGHTY ONE
CREATOR of the beautiful land they will soon be covering.
We praise you.

(seems the muffins are done now! Into the freezer they go until delivery!! )