Friday, April 30

5 senses...

The sound of my little grandson finding his voice! The sight of his little smile and beautiful eyes! The smell of his little babyskin! The feel of his little body as he snuggles up! These are just some of the senses that were mine yesterday. Here in this photo, he has "Sophie" in his little hand. He was supposed to be sleeping, but after 35 minute catnap, was ready to play!

These past two days have gone quickly. They have been full of good coffee, exercise, visiting, good conversation, hugs and kisses, and just plain goodness!
This is what I have seen/heard/felt/tasted and smelled ....
  • good conversation with my man (I am so thankful for him and his love for me)
  • hugs/texts/phonecalls and visits in person with my kids (all four)
  • snuggles with my little grandson Everett
  • kisses with my little grandson too! (I wonder if there will be times when he says "no kisses Granny!" I hope not!)
  • I have seen a little bush bunny this morning, he was eating some of the bird seed that fell under the feeder
  • many deer cross our paths as we walk
  • the smell of rain
  • the smell of fresh flowers (okay, I love fresh flowers and yes, I buy them often, just for around the house!)
  • the taste of Mountain Bean medium blend coffee
  • the sight of a nice tidy house (although I will do a dust and vacuum tomorrow am)
  • the sight of the lime green spider mum flowers (what a creative God our God is!)
  • the smell of my little grandson (um, nothing like babies!!)
  • the sound of his voice, and the sound of his laughter
  • the taste of roasted chickpeas (gotta get those legumes in)
  • the smell of a bakery (okay, that was a temptation yesterday that I did not give in to)
  • the sound of Steve Bell's CD - Dinner with Bruce (hmm... I wonder WHERE THE LIONS ARE?!)
  • the sound of rain pouring down
  • quiet time with the Lord first thing in the mornings
  • the sight of puddles accumulating in the fields
  • the sound of gravel crunching under my tires
  • the taste of avacodo summer rolls (made at Sobeys) without the sushi!
  • the feel of finishing exercise on my treadmill
  • the feel of my soft pillow under my head
  • the sound of a quiet house!
  • the sound of a friends voice
  • the beep from my cell signaling a text - (my kids and husband and I text alot)
  • the feel of a warm bubbling bath in the jetted tub
  • the feeling of excitement as I was given our plans for our "build" on Henderson
  • the excitement knowing we have an agent showing our house tomorrow, and our agent hosting and open house on Sunday
  • the feeling of putting myself "out there" so to speak, as I have handed in a resume for a casual position... the end date for the posting was today.
  • a sense of fulfillment as I got have been back to my jogging routine (I am back to square 1... week one of the Couch Potato to 5 K run - guide for beginners!)
  • surprise as I stop past my mailbox at church, and pull out a card with a donation to the ministry!
  • my heart has been touched in many ways by two new blogs that I have been following for the past little while. (these are new to me in the past month or so) One is as well as These two blogs are very different, and yet in both blogs, you will see women who love the Lord, who love their families, and who trust God with all they have. My heart has been greatly touched.

..... it has been a full two days.

I had coffee with friends, got to look after my little grandson for a while, visited with my kids, went out for supper with my husband (on a gift certificate we were given) and had some good time with the Lord during my daily Quiet Time (aka QT). Today is raining - at times it is raining ALOT. As I drove, the windshield wipers beat out their own song! I feel like I have made some exciting decisions this week as far as my health goes... and have felt so positive, and I know it affects everything. I am feeling very hopeful in many areas. Even though I still feel like I am freefalling in some respects (as far as following God and where He has me right now) I am freefalling without fear. Okay, sometimes there is anxious moments, but for the most part, Alvin and I are doing this "tandom jump" with great anticipation at what God is doing and is going to do in the future!

Anyhow - those were some of my thoughts...

I am sure there are many more - but that is it for now.

Taste and See that the Lord is Good!

Listen for His voice!

Feel his embrace around you!

Take a look around you and soak in the goodness of God!

Breathe deeply!!

Love Life and Live it to the fullest!!

Thank you Lord for giving us the gift of our senses!

Can't imagine life without them!

Wednesday, April 28

not just any ordinary telephone call

Thank you my friend
for calling even when life is crazy, and saying that you miss talking to me.
Life has a way of short-ending us sometimes
and even when days pass in between ~ it is always so good to connect again.

You have been my friend for a very very long time ~ years and years.
You are actually a friend who is as close as a sister
Have I ever told you that?
It is always assuring to hear your voice mail in those times when I don't get to answer my phone –
“Joy, I'm just calling to see how you’re doing – we haven’t talked in a couple days.”
I am thinking you likely leave more messages than I do.

Talking on the phone is not a favorite pastime of mine,
And yet when we talk it feels like we are sitting across from each other.
The only thing missing is the ability to look into your eyes and see how exactly you are doing too ~
I hope that I am in turn as perceptive to you, as you are to me, dear friend.

Today we talked
We talked for a while.
It has been a couple days.
I am glad that within our relationship as friends ~
there is the ability to talk the truth.....
and, to share our hearts ~ the good, the bad, the ugly
And to do so without fear of judgment
knowing that the truth is safe with one another.
I am thankful for that.

There is a gentleness about you ~
And a caring that is uniquely yours.
Sometimes in life ~ when it feels like I am alone with my stuff.....
I always know you are a place to go to ~ to be able to get some perspective again.

You have been my friend for years.
However in the past 21 months since we lost our little grandson ~
you have stepped closer into my space...
you have allowed me to talk
... and talk some more.
You are okay when I weep ~
you are also okay when there is silence.

Today when I told you that the pain over losing Jay just seems so endless..
you listened
...and asked me about it.
You have never given me the impression that you had no time to talk and listen.
You are an open home for me to stop at once in a while
You are a friend who can meet for lunch on short notice.
You drink coffee extra bold even if you should be drinking de-caf (and don't tell me till you are finished!)
You laugh.
And make me laugh too!

Our husbands are friends too
So that makes it twice as good!
Hanging out together is always fun!
Thank you for that too.

Our friendship has gone through all kinds of good time, and also hard times ~
and through it all...
It remains strong, loyal, giving, comfortable, and loving.

So friend, today as we talked ~
I was so blessed.
And, I hope you were too.

Thank you my friend
Not just for the phone call we shared today
for just plain loving me!
I want you to know, that I love you too!

Friends forever… you and I.
And I thank God for you!
(I think you know who you are!)

Tuesday, April 27


Regurgitation - it is kind of a gross concept - but a very necessary one especially in the animal kingdom. Today, I feel it is a necessary concept for myself ... and feel like REGURGITATING is needed! It is Tuesday, and I feel like I am just beginning to regurgitate what I heard at the Beth Moore Simulcast: "So Long Insecurity" which took place on Saturday.

At the beginning of the simulcast she said that we were not there by chance (in total among 800 and something sites, there were 300,000 women in all watching her either live at the site or via simulcast) and that God had something for us - if we would hear it and have the courage to listen and obey! She said "Don't let this be another day."

This morning I woke up - and then crawled back into bed... and then got up a couple hours later and felt not so good. I thought the 7 am start was too early, but let me tell you later did not feel better. I will admit it - I need to get some order to my life!

Yesterday as I walked and talked with the Lord, and wept... I gave him my stuff (what felt like for the millionth time!) Getting up today - feels like just another day. WOO EYE OPENER!!
Today must be different, if I believe HE is in control, that He cares about my life, and its stuff... Today is not just any other day!!

So, I pulled out my notes from Saturday. It is usually like that for me - I go, I listen, I take notes... then I go home, and let it settle then pull my notes out again later, and chew on it again (so to speak)... or "regurgitate!"

There were a number of things that she said, that hit home, such as:
"any time we need out of an area of bondage ~ it is us and God!"

"you have nothing to gain from your insecurity!"

"insecurity is not a weakness ~ it is unbelief!"

Jeremiah 9:20... "Listen, you women, to the words of the Lord; open your ears to what He has to say..."

O Lord, so often before I have hardly finished talking to you - I carry on with my own stuff... and having given my life to you, seem to snatch it back to do what I want, in my own strength! You O Lord, are speaking to me! Your WORD is living, it is truth ~ it is a light to my path~ Help my ears to be open to what you are saying! And, not just to hear, but to take the words you say to HEART and to apply it to my life! O Lord, hear my prayer!

Beth's sessions were based Ephesians 4:17-24 (New International Version)

Living as Children of Light
17So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. 18They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. 19Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.
20You, however, did not come to know Christ that way. 21Surely you heard of him and were taught in him in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus. 22You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; 23to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

She talked about how we have a calling! That if we were poster children for "before and after" when it comes to before we walked in Christ and after... her question was: "Is there a marked difference?"

"We are meant to be free!!
We were meant to be SECURE - to the dept of the marrow of our bones!!"

That we need to remember how we were taught. (I thank God that I was raised in a christian home. I used to take that for granted! Gave my life to Christ when I was almost 8. I was given a foundation of faith which I am very thankful for!)

So... some of my inner questions were/are... I am meant to be free, so why do I feel like I am carrying around some things like a ball and chain? If I am meant to be secure right to the middle of my bones, then why do I struggle with insecurity.

Last night, our good friends Betty and Willy walked with us to the back of our property. On the way back, the boys were lagging back a bit - stopping to look at things. Betty and I came up to the "altar" that I had built as praise to God, in the back. As we stopped there, she read some of the stones. There was only one day that I actually took out a felt pen and wrote words on the stones. And one stone says INSECURITY! (hmm, who'd of thought!)

So Betty asked if that stone came out of last Saturday's session. To which I said, NO, that stone came out of a discussion last November.

Insecurity is such a big thing for us isn't it! But the Lord says "See, I am doing something new!" (The Lord gave this passage to me over and over and over again, as well as to another staff person, and also to some within our church ~ I think He was trying to get my and our church's attention! )

Isaiah 43:19-29 (New International Version)

19 See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wasteland.

Beth said that she was going to divide her sessions on the following 6 Statements that describe a secure woman! (the following was said by Beth, and notes were taken down by me)

A secure woman is:

Saved from herself : (instead of being human beings "curved in" upon our self, when we are secure in Jesus - we are curved up to Him and then out to others!)

Entitled to truth: (Know the truth - Believe it and Walk in it! The last thing the enemy wants you to know is the truth!)

Clothed with intention! (We are clothed with strength and dignity! Put off the old you and put on the NEW you! You can't wait till you feel secure to believe what we have in Christ!)

Upended by Grace! (Grace turns everything upside down to the extent that we are willing to forgive! Nothing can hold us more than thinking we can never be forgiven from the past! It is no good to continue repenting over and over again. Did you already repent? Did you mean it? Then BELIEVE it!)

Rebounded by love! (if a heart does not heal - it hardens! You have to let God do it! When we know we are loved ~ we love. When we know we have been given a second chance ~ we give second chances to others. When we know we have been forgiven ~ we forgive. Everything always comes back to LOVE. I AM DEARLY LOVED BY GOD!)

Exceptional in life! (you are exceptional, you are blessed! Don't let the culture keep dictating! Let Christ OVERTAKE us!)


So much to think on, to regurgitate (bring back up) and digest again. The word is kind of gross when you think of it ~ but the meaning makes sense! So, that is what I am going to do today!


Sunday, April 25

Our Little Ev meets Great Auntie Mary-Ann

Everett John - meet your "Great Auntie" Mary-Ann & "Great Uncle" Nels.

I didn't get the first shots of when Ev met Great-Auntie Mary-Ann because I was not there for that, however - I was there later, and captured these photo moments! Just wait Auntie - till he can HUG you back!
Ev just taking a little look at Great-Auntie. What are you thinking little One? (perhaps you are thinking, "ah, this one is going to spoil me, I can just tell!!)

My relationship with my sister began almost 52 years ago (JUNE 1958) when I was born. She was the oldest of my older sisters. (Mary-Ann and Heather). My relationship with my brother-in-law began in 1966-67 when he began dating my sister, and in 1968 when they got married. Alvin met Nelson and Mary-Ann in 1974 when he and I began dating. It was the start of a good friendship between the four of us! I am very thankful for that.

The year I was in grade 12 (1975-76) ~ I lived in the city during the week, at my sister and brother-in-law's house in West Kildonan. Mary-Ann and Nelson allowed me to stay there, I think it was rent free. I would come on Monday and stay till Friday, when I returned to Beausejour with my dad. I lived in the city since I was attending private school at MBCI. It was a good year. I think this was the year that really cemented a friendship (Nelson with Alvin) as we were already dating the year before that.

When Alvin and I got married in '78 ~ we began to do alot of things with Mary-Ann and Nelson. I will never forget in 81 (I was expecting Joshua) and we went (with mom and dad's motor home) and took our dogs with us (they had Goldie and we had Jasper) and went gold panning in BC! It was a fun trip! We did many fun things together... as girls we did ceramics, flower making, jazzercise... you name it, we did it.

In 1983 we built our house in Anola. In 1984, we subdivided some land off and Mary-Ann and Nelson built their house in Anola, right beside us. It was quite something really. They lived in Anola from 1984 until I think it was 1999... when they sold and moved to the beach since Nelson was fishing.

Auntie and Uncle Nels as the kids affectionately called them - became surrogate parents to our kids. The day that we had Ashley, Auntie and Uncle took care of Joshua. The kids would often walk over to see Auntie. I knew that sometimes they got far too many treats there! She spoiled them like they were her own. She helped them get breakfast ready for me on Mother's Day. She was there for them, Uncle was too! It was quite something when they moved away... our lives changed, but they always held a special part in the hearts of our kids! No matter how old any of us get - whether it is the kids, or her... she will always be the auntie that helped to "raise" my kids! In some ways she was doing a "grandmother" role, except - well, she was too young to be my mom!! (although people did ask her if she was the grandma at times!)

So - needless to say, Sunday was a special day for all of us. I had sent them some pictures so that they would be able to show their Texan friends! But being away since November - they had not yet seen Everett in person! Since they had just arrived home from Texas a short time ago, they called to see if today could work. And well - the pictures are worth a million words! It just so happened that Alvin and I were at our Henderson Hwy land, which is a 5 minute drive from Josh, Leah and Ev's... so we came over for coffee too!

It was a very happy meeting! But you can see for yourself in the pictures!

“Only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother,
can keep secrets like a sister,
and share love like a friend.”
~ Spanish Proverb

Saturday, April 24

my Saturday

Today I was at the Beth Moore Simulcast - "Good-Bye Insecurity". I have been part of a prayer team that has been praying about/for the simulcast for the past 6 weeks or so. It has been a privilege actually. I have had a chance to meet some new friends as we prayed, as well as praying with some friends that I have known for a while.

We set up the prayer room last night. It felt warm in there. Amazing what soft music and candles will do to set the tone for the room.

This morning was an early start. I set my alarm for 5:45. I finally got out of bed on the last alarm that went off at 6:10. AM!! The night was far too short. Women began to arrive. About 420 women or so. All anticipating what Beth was going to say!

We gave the announcements and then - the simulcast began. I was just coming from the prayer room to the gym when L. grabbed me and said we needed to pray! There was no sound!

We prayed together and were heading back to the gym. Then the rest of the team came out and said they were heading to the prayer room to pray too. At this point we were about ten minutes into the simulcast. Travis Cottrell was doing the music and we were missing it!! It became obvious that it was a satellite issue - and while we were gathered in the prayer room petitioning God - they were praying in the gym too. Honestly - we finished praying... about another 10 minutes. Laurie and I were just the last out of the prayer room - when we heard the simulcast!! WE COULD HEAR THE MUSIC!

This was the beginning of the day - and it just got better from there. Spending the day together with other women - which also includes your daughters, and your good friends and new ones - well, it is always sweet when women gather!

I will write more about the simulcast tomorrow - I need to begin to rethink all I heard, and the notes I took. I noticed that there are already posts on Facebook about the day.
There were 300,000 women gathered across the country all hearing Beth at the same time!
Now - take each of those women, and our circle of influence and imagine what we can do for the Lord. As we had prayed, and as Beth mentioned - God was going to do something in us.

300,000 women - now that is alot to contend with! Imagine living all out for Jesus - what we could do - WOW. More tomorrow!

I have wept alot this week - it seems each time I pray - I weep. I think tears are my prayer language!

Today finished off just now with a cup of tea. Alvin had a full two nights of work - and he usually comes home very tired from hectic night shifts. We were honored to go to the anniversary of a dear couple in our congregation. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. What a story!! LOVE! She married a widower 50 years ago! A widower with 8 children - ranging froom 7 to 24 and married. Annie and Dan are such role models to us, of a godly marriage! We are so blessed to know them! They have often prayed for us too!

I am tired. My thoughts are many. I have just chatted a bit with my kids. (phone and texting) My little grandson had a good day with his daddy! (Leah came to the simulcast). Ev went to the doctor this week for his 4 month old check up. He has grown to 18 lbs and 25 inches! (almost doubled his weight and has grown one inch for each month!) How he brings joy to my heart each time I hear him and see his big blue eyes and little smile! Our little Jay would have been 21 months today, the 24th of April. He brings joy to my heart too each time I think of him, or see his pictures. I miss him so much.

Gotta get to bed. The week's "fullness" alongside of the last two nights of pathetic sleep for me, and the early am... and everything in my head ~ I just need to get some sleep and wake up to a new day tomorrow!

Friday, April 23

busy is not always a good thing

this week has been full
all things were good ~ but it felt "busy" and to me "busy" isn't always a good thing
it was full of people, mostly women.
it was full of God moments
it included speaking engagements
it was full of hugs

I got to see and hug my kids
I got to love up my little grandson!!
I have texted more texts than I can count
I have logged minutes on my cell

I drank alot of coffee
some tea
some smoothies

I was in my car alot more than most weeks - actually our odometer stopped at 299,999 last weekend. I think our car is tired too!

I have prayed alot - but my quiet time with the Lord has not been a priority
Neither has exercise it seems
Or for that matter - eating properly

Seems when life gets too full... even if it is "all good" ~ some things get missed
the important things - like spending time with the Lord
and also making sure to take care of myself
I have to get that back in order.

tomorrow is the last FULL day of my week
got to be in the city for 7:30 am.. for a full day
but for now - I just gotta get to bed!

Thursday, April 22

honestly ~ I hope this is not always my struggle!

So - I am posting again. I hate this fact - that the same struggle with the same 60 lbs has become another post! Perhaps these posts I should just write in my journal, not for everyone to see and perhaps to form an opinion on. I realize that I am making myself very vulnerable and transparent. Thing is - this is not a struggle that is invisible. I realize that if anyone looks at me, they realize that I struggle with my weight.

Over the past 32 years - it has been the "same old, same old" unfortunately. The same "feeling bad about myself only to then go and medicate with some more food" attitude that seems to have been prevalent again... where DOES that come from? (is Satan a part of getting me down? or can I do that just fine on my own strength?) Why can't I seem to break this? (I truly believe there is a spiritual component within all this) Does God care about it - or is it really a non-issue for Him? (I think because He loves me - He cares deeply about me, one of his creation!) Why do I care about it so much? Will I be struggling with the same weight this time next year? Why do I keep trying? What is at the bottom of this struggle.

Perhaps it is part of the things I have been told, or read... such as: no flour ~ only whole wheat flour ~ no sugar ~ drink 8 cups of water ~ drink the equivalent of half your weight in ounces per day ~ exercise at least 15o minutes a day ~ exercise min 4 hours a day ~ cut out white sugar ~ aspartame is not good, don't use that either ~ eat legumes ~ count points ~ nutrisytem ~ herbalife (not herbal magic) ~ ameridream ~ weight watchers ~ clean up your plate (don't you know there are children starving in other countries) ~ eat only till satisfied and leave the rest.
love yourself ~ you are what you eat ~ diabetes ~ food pyramids ~ calories ~ cancer ~ high blood pressure ~ high cholesterol ~ loose weight ~ just "watch" what you eat ~ food plans ~ diet diaries ~ snoring ~ heart burn ~ reflux (absolutely the worst!) you are beautiful inside (so why do I feel so frumpy) ~ clothes are cuter in smaller sizes ~ give away outgrown clothes ~ save them in case I need them later ~ exercise DVDs ~ aerobics ~ curves ~ treadmill ~ walking outside ~ jogging on treadmill ~ sore hips ~ should I run when I am overweight? ~ and on and on and on and on and on it goes...............

Now you see what happens. Years and years of fighting the "diet beast" have made my heard a little confused. And yet not.
I KNOW what feels good for my body. (I can feel it even when I lose a few pounds!) I KNOW what my health risks are. (cholesterol is a little high, so is my blood pressure)
I KNOW what my family history is. (everything really bad: heart, diabetes, breast cancer)
I KNOW what size I wear and what size I would LIKE to wear. (size XL to XXL vs M or L)
I KNOW that diets = bad (it has to be something that is not a quick fix! that doesn't work as quick fixes are only temporary)
and that lifestyle change = good. (which is why First Line Therapy does seem to be the one for me! I CAN live with this plan)
I KNOW I want to live to be able to play with my grandchildren and see them grow up. (O Lord, help me to get my health in order and to take this seriously. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my grandsons (and other children to come) that I will be able to run with and play and walk and carry and get down on the floor with!
I KNOW that I am beautiful in God's eyes, and I want to love myself. (Lord, with your strength I can love myself ~ I am fearfully and wonderfully made!)
I KNOW that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit but I am not taking care of it. (I want to rededicate myself to taking care of this temple Lord!)
I KNOW that I have paid way too much money on "diet" programs, books, DVDs, food... always looking for the "quick fix" (oh yes, been there and done that again and again and again... but no more!)
I KNOW there is no such thing as a quick fix and that only hard work and persistence will be effective (exercise, eat right, keep giving it to the Lord!)
I KNOW I am loved regardless but that the weight loss will help me truly love myself and live life more fully! (YES!)

I have been doing First Line Therapy since August... off and on.
I want to support others very dear to me in this same journey.
I want to be a positive role model.
I don't want to keep sabotaging myself and my efforts by eating anything, everything and not necessarily in moderation.

I really, really, really want to. REALLY.
With God as my witness, with God as my strength. With God...
Do I really believe this. Then why do I keep "taking it back"..
O God, with your strength - change me!! Beginning now. NOT tomorrow, but right now!

"Most people are still reluctant to end dieting and give up the war."

"Women turn to food when they are not hungry because they are hungry for something they can't name; a connection to what is beyond the concerns of daily life.

"There is madness in obsession (food), yes, but its value is that it drowns out the madness of life."

"Either you are willing to believe in kindness or you aren't. Either you are willing to believe in the basic sanity of your being or your aren't. To be given wings, you've got to be willing to believe that you were put on this earth for more than your endless attempts to lose the same thirty pounds three hundred times for eighty years. And that goodness and loveliness are possible, even in something as mundane as what you put in your mouth for breakfast. Beginning now!"

- from the book Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth

thanks for reading my blog. I can only say that I am a very normal woman who struggles with something that many of us struggle with. As my good friend said, "food seems to be the drug of choice for us" and I would say - yep, seems to be. Is overeating an addiction? Is it an obsession? Has it become our god? (small "g" god) I think that if we go to it before we go to God - then there is a problem, no matter what we want to call it.
I hope you don't mind reading about the struggle - and I hope you will be reading in the future as you read about the success! With God I can in 2010! I have wasted too many months - gotta get serious about this. Thanks again for listening and hey - for praying too!
the plan will be to:
  • eat according to first line therapy (get back on it - and give'er!)
  • get exercising again (half hour min per day)
  • give it to God daily (make Quiet Time with the Lord a priority!)
  • keep track of my eating by writing it down

Monday, April 19

God delights in us and loves to give us good things...

early morning finds me making lunches for the men in my life
it is my way of blessing the work that they do
being able to send lunch packed with love

a few kisses and a hug later
my husband heads down the driveway
heading into the city

the house is quiet
I tidy up the rooms
just in case someone wants to "show" the house today

I am asking God to enlarge my trust
sometimes I don't get anxious
other times I wonder when he is going to send the right person to buy our house
God knows all that
His timing is perfect
I have to t-r-U-s-t

I venture outside
scatter the old loaf of bread for the birds
and well - the squirrel likes it to
not that he needs it!
afterall, he has emptied the bird feeders repeatedly

I drive in ~
one less trip into the city that I will have to make.
we are ready to make the move
although it will be an emotional one
(one can't live in the same place for 27 years and not get emotional about leaving)
if the walls of this house could talk
the stories they would tell
life in this house has been so very good.
but the future ahead holds much promise (not to mention we will be closer to our family)

the rest of the day is full of people -
Jennifer and I visited over a big cup of mountain bean coffee
I noticed Nathan by us - and the Bible gave him away
He was an unexpected new friend that God brought my way today
God loves to do that...
bless us with old friends, young friends and new friends.
lately my life has been absolutely surprising in that way
Jennifer left and Kim sat down at the same table
We chatted over tea
An hour later I met with Sara, Kay, Pauline, Betty, and Essie in the prayer chapel
Women brought together, representing 4 churches
praying for great things to happen when Beth Moore speaks via simulcast
We pray
I weep (but that is nothing new)
God loves to surprise me through prayer and listening
How sweet to experience His presence so thick in the room
On the way out - a quick visit and hug with Meggie
As it was when I worked there - so it still is with her
We were co-workers and friends.
Now we are friends - and like sisters
God loves to bring "sisters" into our life!
Although not in person I spoke with my girls - Ashley and Leah, and Leah held the phone to my little grandson's mouth so I could hear his little voice as it made little squeals of delight.
God loves to fill my heart with joy over the sounds and sights of this little one.
Oh how I love you little Everett John!
Oh how I love and miss you sweet little Jay Benjamin!

at the end of the day
while working at the computer
my husband comes into the house
dusty from the day's work
but happy and content
afterall - he worked with his boys
he had a good lunch and now he was home and ready to eat supper
it has been a full day

a day full of kisses and hugs
conversations and coffee
sitting outside in the sun at my favorite coffee place
introductions and God-moments
conversations and tea
prayers and the tangible presence of God in our midst
laughter and hugs in a familiar office space
friendships - old, new and faithful
authentic, vulnerable but safe
tears mingled with prayers
cold milk on mini-wheats
bold black coffee
Earl Grey "London fog" special tea latte
texting and cell calls to my kids
and now - the coolness of the sheets and the comfort of a pillow

thank you God for this day!

God just delights in us, and loves to give us good things in the form of friends and family
I am so thankful for each person - for each conversation - for each prayer
God, thank you for this Monday.
And, thank you in advance for tomorrow.

Saturday, April 17


This pottery necklace is called DANCE... I just realized her description is not on the website - so I have copied it off the packaging. She says: "I represented dance with lines and swirls in movement. God doesn't want a relationship with us that is plodding along, but rather an exciting dance that moves wtih grave and beauty. he wants us to follow His lead. he is the perfect dance partner. When you watch a couple dance, if they are good they move with grace and form together. One partner is the leader, and the other follows the lead of her partner, dancing this way is fluid and beautiful. if both partners are trying to lead,it is the opposite of grace. It looks awkward and painful We need to follow the lead of the Spirit within us, he is in tune with God, and knows the paths and steps we shold take. A life lived with the spirit is not meant to be a life of marching or plodding (following orders to the letter of the law.) It is to be intimate, graceful, loving an djoyful no matter what the circumstances are.... and she uses 1 Thes 4: 1-7 from The Message

This piece is called SHELTER. I took this off Tanis' website as she has put the description there: Shelter is represented by a bird

A few times in the Psalms David talks about the shelter of Gods wings. David longed for the shelter of God’s wings. The wings of a bird shelters their chicks during storms or the cold, or protects them from danger. We are safe in the shelter of God’s wings! What a picture of what it is like to be safe in God’s arms. We will
be protected, and kept warm, in the soft feathers of God’s love. I love the picture, and want to remember to run to the safety and shelter of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:1-6 (NLT)
Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day. Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday.

The alarm went off today at 6. Alvin kissed me good-bye about fifteen minutes later, and left on route to Grand Forks with our friend Willy. Me - well - I reset the alarm and planned to get a few more zzz's in. And well, I did. In fact, I got MORE zzz's than I bargained for - and ended up being 10 minutes late for the meeting I had to go to! (before I left, I needed to clean the house, and leave it shipshape in case there was a showing today). Little did I know when I finally jumped out of bed, all that God would have in store for me today!
The meeting was good. Not too long. Straightforward. I am leading up the prayer team that has been meeting weekly over the past few weeks to pray specifically for the Beth Moore Simulcast that is taking place next Saturday at Eastview Church. It has been truly "sweet" to meet with women to pray over past few weeks. We can hardly wait to see all that God is going to do in the lives of women next weekend!
Anyhow - the first of the God-ordained meeting was with a new friend Laurie. For some reason, when we got to sharing with each other - we both noticed there was a uniqueness in how we felt like "kindred spirits"... we spent a while talking, sharing about what God has done, and is doing in our lives. I got into the car after we prayed together - and just felt so totally blessed! I look forward to getting to know Laurie more...
I picked up my daughter Ashley so that we could go to Scattered Seeds Craft Sale together and it was nice to be able to spend time together - her and I. It was while we were in the "Downs" looking at the different vendors, that we ended up in another God-ordained situation! I say that completely believing it was truly a GOD-thing. Back up a day... yesterday I had coffee with my good sweet friend Vi. That is a whole other blogpost. However - she was wearing a piece of jewelry, made from pottery. She told me it was someone from the same church as her, who makes this jewelry. Well wouldn't you know it - this is the little vendor we had found. This is where the story just gets so amazing. You see - I had seen some of the art before - please check it out for yourself -
I introduced myself to the artist ~ Tanis Gray and it was so interesting, as immediately I just felt that God was in our conversation with us. Even in the little time, I realized she had an incredible story of brokenness and redemption, and that God was using her in such an amazing way. Ashley had already been sharing some of our story with her, as Ashley had a beautiful necklace in her hand with a bird on it.

I shared a bit of the story of our retreat vision with Tanis. I also told her that the girls and I have been thinking it would be wonderful to find a local artist, and to give each woman that comes, a "gift" to remember the visit to the retreat center by...

Ash, Leah and I have talked about a few things. It is such fun dreaming/brainstorming with my girls. Well - needless to say, when I saw Tanis' jewelry - my heart just resonated with what I saw. Very INTENTIONAL art... or as it says on her card "Jewelry with Meaning".

And, anyone that knows me - knows that when God laid the vision for Women Refreshed at the Well - He also just gave me a love for pottery - clay pots - and since then have collected some things for the ministry house - including a painting from our first trip to the Dominican Republic (which is another God-ordained story in itself) which is of a couple Dominican women - with clay pots. I just LOVE how God continue to just weave HIS touch throughout the retreat story! I love the bible texts that talk about God being the POTTER... we being the clay.

So, back to Tanis... what a gift God gave me today - to be able to meet her and her husband Cameron. And to be able to feel very "kindred" spirit with her too. As I hugged Laurie as I left this morning - as I left Tanis, she said she just had to give me a hug! I told her I had a feeling we would have to have coffee together at Sam's Place soon.

I am not sure what God is all going to do with these two sisters in Christ - but I KNOW that God has his fingerprints all over their lives, and their ministries. I also believe that God loves to surprise us, and use us in ways we least expect - so I am very very eager to get to know my new sisters better ! I will wear my new necklaces with great joy!

I had a hard time picking - but the pictures at the top are the TWO that I chose... SHELTER and DANCE. (but let me tell you that I loved all of them...) I think I need to ask Tanis about her ideas on SEASONS since that has been on the hearts of myself and my girls. I better make that coffee date!

Lord, for today - for waking after a good sleep - for the privilege of being involved in a Beth Moore Simulcast next week - for the joy of praying with women - for the chance to hang out with my daughter and go to the craft sale - and for the TWO God-Ordained meetings today with my two new "sisters" in Christ - I thank you Lord! You just love to surprise me!! God, you GOD and you are good!

Friday, April 16

to everything there is a season ...

Springtime comes. The crocuses peek up from the dead grass around them.
Waking up from the long winter - their beauty catches our eyes.
They look "fuzzy" as they bloom and grow.
This photo was captured at Sunnyside Cemetery last Spring, 2009.
Not sure what these beautiful wild flowers are called.
These were found growing at Sunnyside as well.

This picture was taken in Fall 2008, Thanksgiving Weekend,
when Alvin and I and our kids retreated to the cottage.
It was a beautiful day, very quiet, and good to be together as a family.

Winter comes.
Everything gets covered with hoar frost, and sparkles when the sun shines on the branches.
Everything lies dormant under the blanket of snow.
Our lives also experience "winter" seasons as well.

To Everything there is a season. The Bible talks about that. In fact, it is a portion of Scripture that is often quoted at funerals. Ecclesiastes 3: 1 says: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.....

Seasons..... the other day, the girls (Ashley and Leah) and I went for a walk during the day when we were out at the cottage. Everett was fast asleep in his stroller and we walked and talked about the retreat ministry. I love brainstorming with the girls. It seems that our family comes up with some pretty amazing ideas when we walk. And last Friday was no exception.

In the process we began to talk about seasons, and some ideas we had focusing around that idea.

Today Leah played a song that she found on iTunes. It is absolutely beautiful. I won't give away the reasons we were talking about seasons in regards to the retreat ministry BUT I WILL share the lyrics from this beautiful song with you. ... drink them in.

Every Season by Nicole Nordeman

Every evening sky, an invitation
To trace the patterned stars
And early in July, a celebration
For freedom that is ours
And I notice You
In children's games
In those who watch them from the shade
Every drop of sun is full of fun and wonder
You are summer

And even when the trees have just surrendered
To the harvest time
Forfeiting their leaves in late September
And sending us inside
Still I notice You when change begins
And I am braced for colder winds
I will offer thanks for what has been and what's to come
You are autumn

And everything in time and under heaven
Finally falls asleep
Wrapped in blankets white, all creation
Shivers underneath
And still I notice you
When branches crack
And in my breath on frosted glass
Even now in death, You open doors for life to enter
You are winter

And everything that's new has bravely surfaced
Teaching us to breathe
What was frozen through is newly purposed
Turning all things green
So it is with You
And how You make me new
With every season's change
And so it will be
As You are re-creating me
Summer, autumn, winter, spring

Wednesday, April 14

early morning walk ~ early morning questions

I left the house early in the day
The sun was struggling to come through the clouds,
with the promise of high temperatures on the way.
I walked southwest from the house -
and came across remnants from our kids treehouse.
Old metal chairs that once were mine - passed on to the kids
And now stand forlorn, worn, rusted, and torn.
My thoughts.... so where did time go? It seems like just yesterday, the treehouse was the hub of activity. How did my babies grow up so quickly!

I walked through the field
My father-in-law's walking stick in hand.
Somehow its not the same without Oreo beside me
as I walk this land
The crunching of leaves -
The promise of spring.
A sound of something close by -
My eyes scour the land and see
Three deer running, jumping the fence, in a hurry to get out of my way.
My thoughts... why is it that when they stand still, you can hardly see them, and yet when they run, their white tails are like flags saying "there I go" What were God's thoughts when he created these beautiful creatures?

I continue to walk.
Dressed in my shorts, my legs are getting scratched by the odd tree
And somehow the land is not so level where the cows have trodden
I continue on - toward the back
The place where my father in law believes a meteor fell ... and left a dip in the land.
The place where especially in Spring, we have a marshland area
The croaking of frogs is loud and clear
But as I get closer the croaking stops
There is not a single peep from them... or should I say, not a single croak!
My thoughts... how does this happen? Is there a KING BULLFROG that somehow lets out a croak to signal "all croaking must stop now, someone is close by". And how does he know that... and why DO they stop. Hmmm...

I continue to walk - stepping over the fence, and making my way through the bush to the path that is easier to follow.
As I walk - I realize how alone I am.
I realize how much company my dog brought to my life.
Even if he was deaf and blind - he walked faithfully by my side.
And weird thing is - when we went out into the bush together - I was never afraid.
I have noticed since Oreo died, that I am nervous as I walk.
Dumb? perhaps.
But none the less - nervous.
My thoughts today... well at least I brought a stick. Could I run if something chased me? And, hmmm.... are bears out already? Perhaps I should carry a bell from now on! Hmm, my friend Lynda would laugh at this one!

I walk along the cleared path through our "forest" and come to an area that I have named "the valley of dry bones"
It is a bit of a fork in the road, a place where there are many old white bones from some of the animals that we killed (when we raised our own beef for food) and the carcasses would be buried in the back forty.
The bones are eerie
They are also intriguing
This morning I thought of the reference to the "dry bones" that the Lord brought to life.
My thoughts.... O Lord, bring life to my dry bones too!

I arrived at the back part of the property - turned east a little walk and then began to head north back towards the house.
I walked through the field.
So brown, so dry.
However some little green shoots are beginning to come up.
My thoughts... the Lord uses this as an example of how WE need to DIE to self, to sin and come ALIVE in Christ! It always amazes me how things can die in fall - and then burst forth in spring! What an amazing creator we have!

Walking back ~ getting closer to the altar that I put up last fall
The altar that stood the test of a Manitoba winter
The altar that stands as a testament to the goodness of our God!
The altar that has stones piled that are also labeled - the one I noticed today - insecurity
And how timely - because I am feeling and working through many "insecurities" lately...
funny how that works.
my thoughts.... Lord, you know all about my insecurities - and how they feel so real to me. You also know what I need - and so I trust in your goodness, your faithfulness and your sovereignty to help me get through these!

Walking back - and looking at the place that Alvin buried our good old faithful dog Oreo
A small mound of earth heaped at the top.
A stone carefully placed
Someone suggested that perhaps the reduction of our pets from 3 to 0 - was God allowed, as only God knows how our transition will go once we sell.
my thoughts.... yes God, you know about the transition. You know about our sale of our house. You know about it all - and I just really want to trust you, but I am feeling so anxious. Lord... enlarge my trust. You have it all under control.

As I walked back - I noticed the sound of the birds again.
So many birds singing!
I noticed the birds at the feeder again..
God knows each sparrow that falls - so WHY am I so anxious about my stuff?
I looked up and saw that the sun was really trying hard to shine through the clouds.
Now as I write this - the weather outside is unbelievable.
My thoughts... gotta get out there and enjoy it!

Enjoy today.
I am.
Blessings to you my friend!

Tuesday, April 13

absolutely black

It is almost eleven thirty. It is completely BLACK around me, except of course for my laptop on my lap, which is working on battery power! There is 71% power remaining on the battery until it has to either be plugged back in or turned off. The power has been off and on a couple times and then stayed off. That was about half an hour ago. And honestly, it is so black both outside and inside - that I can not see Alvin in the chair. I can hear his snoring but can't see him.

It is so incredibly windy outside. Actually a little scary as I hear things blowing around. This evening Alvin went outside and came immediately back in and asked me to come and hold the ladder for him. Up he went to try to fasten some of the facia (I think this is what it is called) or the "overhang" way up at the peak of our roof... there is was, a piece of it - flapping in the wind.
The wind is like that - it catches a little bit of looseness and just works it.

But then, Alvin and I decided to go for a walk - and as we walked into the wind as we were "going" ~ once we went into the forest of trees, all of a sudden it seemed like the wind had died down. It was a nice walk - pretty quiet actually. We saw quite a few deer along the way. They are all coming back into our yard now.

Creation is just coming alive these days. The weather is warming up. (although I think it is supposed to be rainy and miserable over the next few days). The tulips are beginning to grow. The grass is starting to turn green. I even heard the frogs tonight!! Now that is a sure sign of spring if anything is!! (I remember when my kids used to go into the ditch to get frog's eggs, and then tadpoles. And well, they usually caught a "booter" while they were at it!)

This morning, I was doing up the dishes and watching the bird feeder that I put at the back, on the lilac tree. I was pretty proud of myself - thinking that I had outsmarted the squirrel! He was busy emptying the one in the front (and getting fatter with each seed I might add!) I put the old feeder on a branch that could hold it, but wouldn't be able to hold a squirrel IF he found it...

Today began with many birds in the tree, on the ground, and perching on the feeder (which has been horribly chewed by the squirrel!) I watched a Blue Jay come and sit in the tree and then hop from branch to branch and down onto the feeder and eat. They are such a big bird, and so incredibly beautiful! A little later, when I came to the window, I was absolutely amazed - because there, in perfect timing - were not just one, or two, but THREE beautiful Blue Jays in the tree. The white trim on their bodies looked startlingly WHITE beside the blueness of their feathers! It actually looked like snow on top of them! Oh God - how amazing you truly are! You are such an awesome creator! You continue to surprise me with "kisses" from above!
I will always, always ALWAYS have my breath taken away at such amazing displays of creation!

I was home today. I enjoyed my QT with the Lord. I enjoyed a great conversation with my sister and with a couple friends. I enjoyed absolute peace and quiet. I also wrote out a short talk that I was asked to do at Friends Funeral Chapel on Sunday. It is a memorial service for those who have lost someone over the past year. They ask people to share their story of grief, and how they coped... I am one that is going to share my journey, which at this point we have been on for almost 21 months. As I thought about that - and as I wrote down my thoughts, the timing of the Blue Jays was just like a big hug from God. I know He still grieves with us. I know He hears each sigh, sees each tear, understands each unspoken thought. As I said in my little talk - my faith in Jesus has been my anchor in the most horrific storm I have encountered.

These last few days have felt "messy" again... and I realize that once again, God is doing some refining in me. He is skimming off some "dross" as part of the process..
I have found that when I feel messy, I pull back, and become even more introspective. I find I am more willing to just be alone, than to be in a group of people. Feeling messy doesn't necessarily feel good, but at this point in my journey - I "get" that it is just that... it is a PART of my journey! I realize that there is still a lot of the journey that I don't see... much like the blackness of my world right now due to the power failure! If I were to try to phone right now - our cordless phones would not work - I would have to try to find the plug in phone and use that. If I went to brush my teeth - the water would not work - because we need the power to operate our pump to get the water. Not only is it black - but there is really nothing that we can do - except try to feel our way upstairs to bed without the lights, and granted we will likely do a fair bit of stumbling and hitting things along the way! We take light for granted. (shoot - we should have put that flashlight into a place where we would find it when the lights went out!)

Guess God can use this blackness to teach me a few things... never too old for teachable moments are we! In the blackness of my moments - the blackness of our journey over the past 21 months - He has been our light. And, I am so thankful that even when I could not see what was ahead - or feel my way... I knew that He was there - and could feel his arms around me.

Thinking that perhaps I am rambling now... and my man has woken up. He asked me if I turned the lights off...
I figure I will mosey on up to bed... he is already headed that way. We know that when we wake up - the sun will have risen again, or we believe it will. Now, which way to my pillow....
Night dear ones!

Friday, April 9


We are home. I am catching up on the computer. Alvin is catching up in the lazy boy chair! My man - goes 100 mph and then when I get him to relax, his eyelids get pretty heavy! My man is a worker. I thank God for him!

Today has been a wonderful day. (except for getting stopped by a highways guy who proceeded to go over every inch of the Blue Jay truck and trailer!) The boys needed to do some work out at Victoria Beach. So the girls and Everett and I decided to hang out at Josh and Leah's new (to them) cottage.

It was a fun day of just hanging out. Ashley who is still recovering, was able to join us too. Since my house got cleaned yesterday - I went with the knowledge that it was a day to just chill out! So, we had a fire in the wood stove, and we ooh'ed and ahh'd over Everett (that never gets old!) and talked, and drank coffee, and walked with him in the stroller, and walked some more! Then the boys came at the end of the day, and we ate supper together, and came home.

It is the beginning of April, and it seems like it is later in the season. Last year in May, when we opened the cottage ~ our pipes froze up during the night! The weather warmed up today, but there is still ice on the lake! We haven't un-winterized our cottage yet, but it was cozy in the kids cottage, which is just around the corner from ours (and for rent if anyone is interested!)

I think we are going to enjoy time at the lake this year! (word on the street is that we are going to get an amazing summer this year!) As long as I can convince my husband to take weekends off once we start the build! Today it dawned on me that the weekend rest will be very important during this intense time of our lives.

Today Ashley took some pictures of me with our little guy... and he was such an incredibly happy and very social little guy today. He made us laugh with all his smiles, and with his expressions. I feel incredibly blessed to be a mom and a granny! (and a wife to my man).

Today, as the girls and I walked with Everett - we talked about the retreat ministry, and decided on what we would name the rooms, and how we could decorate them, and about other things. I am so thankful for their input into this ministry!

Today feels good. It is almost done... just a bit over an hour left. Shortly I will wake my sweetheart up, and we will mosey on upstairs, brush our teeth and hop into bed. The night will bring refreshment. The morning will dawn, and a new day will begin... today will become yesterday, and tomorrow will become a new today! (bet that made you think!)

I thank you Lord for today... for the strength and ability that "my boys" have (Alvin, Josh and Mike) and for their ability to work together. I thank you Lord - for today and the chance to hang out with my girls (Ashley and Leah). Today I thank you Lord for the gift of time spent with our little grandson Everett! Thank you Lord for the joy we experienced today! Today, thank you Lord for the gift of creation around us - for the gift of cottages to retreat to. Thank you for the gift of TODAY... from the moment I lifted my head up off the pillow - right to when I lay it back down. Today has been a wonderful day. Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, April 6

"Come to the line..."

Last night was the second last Monday in the Beth Moore Bible study series: A Woman's Heart - God's dwelling place. One week of homework left. It is always intense study, but honestly, I love it. L-O-V-E LOVE it! I am always sad when it is over. (perhaps it will be the time to go back to the ESTHER study that I was doing by myself, another Beth Moore study). I wish Beth Moore was closer to Manitoba, so that I could just sit and learn from her over a few cups of coffee!! (I have watched Beth on my computer, with earphones, while drinking coffee at Mountain Bean!!)

Anyhow, back to last night. It was so good... the session was (in Beth Moore's words) "today we get to celebrate the finished work of the Old Testament tabernacle and see how God demonstrated His approval. We will then track the glory of God amid earthly dwelling places and behold glimpses of God's perfect order."

It was early into the study when Beth said "I want to be a person through whom God can glorify himself! Is there something in your life right now where God is saying "come to the line!" "
Hmm... this means obedience!! What is God asking me to come to the line on? As Beth then also said, "He knows what He's doing! Joy will follow obedience!"

What is He asking me to come to the line on? What is that something in my life? What demands obedience? My heart knew. Same old, same old.

O Lord, help me to come and step up to the line so to speak! You require obedience! You give joy! I am asking you Lord to give me courage... and to also help me to let you do the work in me! I think so often I am squashing the Holy Spirit within me! You are at work in me. Your word is living and active! It is sharp!

I know what God is calling me to "come to the line" on... so what am I going to do about it?

He never said our road would be easy. He did say he would never forsake us! Sometimes I am so fickle in my faith! Thank you Lord for this reminder of what you require from me! I want to become more and more like you... to reflect your glory and to smell like Jesus!! Lord, I give it all to you..... again, and again, and again, and again.... and again.

Yes Lord, I am aware that there is something in my life right now where you O Lord are saying, "Joy, come to the line!" So, here I am Lord, with my toes at the line... may I walk in obedience.

Saturday, April 3

God of this city!

I consider it a privilege to pray. To "stand in the gap" for others. I know it is a very spiritual world out there - even if we (for the most of us) do not see the "wars in the heavenlies" taking place - I believe that there is spiritual warfare, and to NOT pray is like not arming yourselves. I know that some people are offended when the term "prayer warriors" is used. (warriors don't go along with pacifist belief) but really - why does it say in the Word to "put on the armor of God". Anyhow - that is another topic.

I do consider it a privilege. I got an email, actually two of them, from a dear young friend who is a "prayer intercessor" and has often prayed for me. She was heading up the prayer team for the MBMS International "SOAR HEARTLAND" that took place in Winnipeg for the past week and a couple days.

SOAR Heartland is a 10-day discipleship trainingand mission program. Teams from across the prairieswill join together at Palliser Furniture Warehouse, 630 Kernaghan Ave. in Winnipeg to train, serve, eat, dorm and debrieftogether. Each team is paired up with a church or ministry within the city andserves alongside them during the Assignment phase.

I didn't get around to deciding on what to do with the email, until this past Monday I believe it was. She was encouraging people to sign up for shifts so that the whole SOAR week was covered in prayer - 24/7

I noticed no one was signed up to pray from midnight till 1 am. So, I signed up for that time slot, for the three days of April, ending with the past hour. Not sure what I was thinking, as that time slot was a hard one to keep my eyes open. But, I kept my commitment. I journalled my prayer time. I also prayed quietly. Sometimes I fell asleep. Even the disciples did that, so I knew Jesus would forgive me for those 30 sec. catnaps in between prayers.

Today is the end of SOAR.... so I felt like alot of my time was spend saying thank-you to the Lord for what He did this week... (and I am excited about hearing some reports!) At the end, it seemed that I was to read the story about Joshua and the walls of Jericho. Somehow I couldn't make a connection HOWEVER after I finished praying, the song GOD OF THIS CITY came to my mind. Joshua was about conquering a city because he did what the Lord commanded. Hmmm come to think of it - it makes sense.

God of this city!

[Verse 1]
You're the God of this City
You're the King of these people
You're the Lord of this nation
You are

[Verse 2]
You're the Light in this darkness
You're the Hope to the hopeless
You're the Peace to the restless
You are

There is no one like our God
There is no one like our God

For greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in this City
Greater thing have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in this City

[Verse 1]

[Verse 2]

There is no one like our God
There is no one like our God

For greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in this City
Greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done here

There is no one like our god
There is no one like our God

Greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in this City
Greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done here

I firmly believe that the Lord was saying - Winnipeg, this song is for you! People/youth have loved-on others all week. I have been doing a work in their souls as well as in heart and soul of people I AM God of this city! Always have been - still am, and always will be!

While SOAR HEARTLAND comes to a close today - the presence of the Lord continues to be with us. God is at work. You O Lord ARE the GOD OF THIS CITY!! I praise you!