Monday, April 19

God delights in us and loves to give us good things...

early morning finds me making lunches for the men in my life
it is my way of blessing the work that they do
being able to send lunch packed with love

a few kisses and a hug later
my husband heads down the driveway
heading into the city

the house is quiet
I tidy up the rooms
just in case someone wants to "show" the house today

I am asking God to enlarge my trust
sometimes I don't get anxious
other times I wonder when he is going to send the right person to buy our house
God knows all that
His timing is perfect
I have to t-r-U-s-t

I venture outside
scatter the old loaf of bread for the birds
and well - the squirrel likes it to
not that he needs it!
afterall, he has emptied the bird feeders repeatedly

I drive in ~
one less trip into the city that I will have to make.
we are ready to make the move
although it will be an emotional one
(one can't live in the same place for 27 years and not get emotional about leaving)
if the walls of this house could talk
the stories they would tell
life in this house has been so very good.
but the future ahead holds much promise (not to mention we will be closer to our family)

the rest of the day is full of people -
Jennifer and I visited over a big cup of mountain bean coffee
I noticed Nathan by us - and the Bible gave him away
He was an unexpected new friend that God brought my way today
God loves to do that...
bless us with old friends, young friends and new friends.
lately my life has been absolutely surprising in that way
Jennifer left and Kim sat down at the same table
We chatted over tea
An hour later I met with Sara, Kay, Pauline, Betty, and Essie in the prayer chapel
Women brought together, representing 4 churches
praying for great things to happen when Beth Moore speaks via simulcast
We pray
I weep (but that is nothing new)
God loves to surprise me through prayer and listening
How sweet to experience His presence so thick in the room
On the way out - a quick visit and hug with Meggie
As it was when I worked there - so it still is with her
We were co-workers and friends.
Now we are friends - and like sisters
God loves to bring "sisters" into our life!
Although not in person I spoke with my girls - Ashley and Leah, and Leah held the phone to my little grandson's mouth so I could hear his little voice as it made little squeals of delight.
God loves to fill my heart with joy over the sounds and sights of this little one.
Oh how I love you little Everett John!
Oh how I love and miss you sweet little Jay Benjamin!

at the end of the day
while working at the computer
my husband comes into the house
dusty from the day's work
but happy and content
afterall - he worked with his boys
he had a good lunch and now he was home and ready to eat supper
it has been a full day

a day full of kisses and hugs
conversations and coffee
sitting outside in the sun at my favorite coffee place
introductions and God-moments
conversations and tea
prayers and the tangible presence of God in our midst
laughter and hugs in a familiar office space
friendships - old, new and faithful
authentic, vulnerable but safe
tears mingled with prayers
cold milk on mini-wheats
bold black coffee
Earl Grey "London fog" special tea latte
texting and cell calls to my kids
and now - the coolness of the sheets and the comfort of a pillow

thank you God for this day!

God just delights in us, and loves to give us good things in the form of friends and family
I am so thankful for each person - for each conversation - for each prayer
God, thank you for this Monday.
And, thank you in advance for tomorrow.

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