Sunday, April 25

Our Little Ev meets Great Auntie Mary-Ann

Everett John - meet your "Great Auntie" Mary-Ann & "Great Uncle" Nels.

I didn't get the first shots of when Ev met Great-Auntie Mary-Ann because I was not there for that, however - I was there later, and captured these photo moments! Just wait Auntie - till he can HUG you back!
Ev just taking a little look at Great-Auntie. What are you thinking little One? (perhaps you are thinking, "ah, this one is going to spoil me, I can just tell!!)

My relationship with my sister began almost 52 years ago (JUNE 1958) when I was born. She was the oldest of my older sisters. (Mary-Ann and Heather). My relationship with my brother-in-law began in 1966-67 when he began dating my sister, and in 1968 when they got married. Alvin met Nelson and Mary-Ann in 1974 when he and I began dating. It was the start of a good friendship between the four of us! I am very thankful for that.

The year I was in grade 12 (1975-76) ~ I lived in the city during the week, at my sister and brother-in-law's house in West Kildonan. Mary-Ann and Nelson allowed me to stay there, I think it was rent free. I would come on Monday and stay till Friday, when I returned to Beausejour with my dad. I lived in the city since I was attending private school at MBCI. It was a good year. I think this was the year that really cemented a friendship (Nelson with Alvin) as we were already dating the year before that.

When Alvin and I got married in '78 ~ we began to do alot of things with Mary-Ann and Nelson. I will never forget in 81 (I was expecting Joshua) and we went (with mom and dad's motor home) and took our dogs with us (they had Goldie and we had Jasper) and went gold panning in BC! It was a fun trip! We did many fun things together... as girls we did ceramics, flower making, jazzercise... you name it, we did it.

In 1983 we built our house in Anola. In 1984, we subdivided some land off and Mary-Ann and Nelson built their house in Anola, right beside us. It was quite something really. They lived in Anola from 1984 until I think it was 1999... when they sold and moved to the beach since Nelson was fishing.

Auntie and Uncle Nels as the kids affectionately called them - became surrogate parents to our kids. The day that we had Ashley, Auntie and Uncle took care of Joshua. The kids would often walk over to see Auntie. I knew that sometimes they got far too many treats there! She spoiled them like they were her own. She helped them get breakfast ready for me on Mother's Day. She was there for them, Uncle was too! It was quite something when they moved away... our lives changed, but they always held a special part in the hearts of our kids! No matter how old any of us get - whether it is the kids, or her... she will always be the auntie that helped to "raise" my kids! In some ways she was doing a "grandmother" role, except - well, she was too young to be my mom!! (although people did ask her if she was the grandma at times!)

So - needless to say, Sunday was a special day for all of us. I had sent them some pictures so that they would be able to show their Texan friends! But being away since November - they had not yet seen Everett in person! Since they had just arrived home from Texas a short time ago, they called to see if today could work. And well - the pictures are worth a million words! It just so happened that Alvin and I were at our Henderson Hwy land, which is a 5 minute drive from Josh, Leah and Ev's... so we came over for coffee too!

It was a very happy meeting! But you can see for yourself in the pictures!

“Only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother,
can keep secrets like a sister,
and share love like a friend.”
~ Spanish Proverb


Jean said...

Nice to see that Mary-Anne finally got to meet Ev. Nice you have them (MA and N) back close for a while.

ashley marie photography said...

those pictures are priceless! :)
i can just hear auntie gushing!