Tuesday, October 9

Countdown whether we ask or not

While we have just put away the turkey remnants from Thanksgiving... before that celebration was even done, I was reading the paper and to my surprise, saw that someone had an article listing the number of days until Christmas!! It felt like an assault in some ways. I did not read the article, but I am thinking that it was likely something about shopping days, and lists, and what to buy that special gift. Speaking of that, I really have been thinking of what to buy my sister, who is leaving for Texas soon, and will be away when Christmas rolls around. So I guess that my thoughts have been there a little. But not in regards to shopping, but in regards to what is meaningful and what I can give.

What is meaningful. What IS meaningful? I know that this blog is basically the ramblings of one middle aged woman (that being me) but perhaps at some point in my life, someone other than my chidren will read this. Perhaps some thought would create a reaction in someone else's heart. My thought today is, what is it that is meaningful to me? And how does that show expression in my life? Does it make me more thankful, more giving, more thoughtful.

Also, reading the christmas countdown number, it also makes me realize that we need to live TODAY fully - to suck in each moment of each day in its entirety. To savour, to mull over, to chew on. To enjoy completely. (how ever that looks!! ) And to be thankful.
To not race into the tomorrows but to live fully in TODAY.

Those are my thoughts, and I am sticking to them!! :)
Enjoy, live to the full!! Be thankful. Reach out and love others. LIVE BIG!

Saturday, October 6

A Season of Thanksgiving

This is Thanksgiving Weekend. It is always bittersweet for me. 10 years ago my dad spent his last meal with us. As we sat around the table, we decided to write down (on little cut out leaves) what we were thankful for. If I had known that it was the last time my dad would sit and eat with us, perhaps I would have told him even more. My dad was a man who meant the world to me. He was the one that would give me advice if I asked. He was the one who always sensed when something was not quite right in my world!! He was the one who prayed daily for me and my family. He was "poppa" to my kids. He pulled out all the stops with them, at times bordering on spoiling them. I realize as I get older that I am alot like my dad. I am not sure if others see it as much. I had the privilege of working with my father in business for 6 years, and I learned alot from him. When I recite the quote "the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree" I realize that it relates to me too! I am terribly proud of where I have come from, and today thank God for a rich heritage - parents who taught me about Jesus, who loved me and guided me with unconditional love, no matter what I did. Parents who taught me that it was important to live fully and use the gifting and talents that are God-given. Parents who loved each other and who made sure that we heard and experienced their love. Parents who gently nudged when I needed that too. Parents who blessed me and my husband, who affirmed and who prayed for us and for the kids. 10 years ago, having just lost my mom, who'd have thought that in less than a month, we would also lay Dad to rest. I remember standing by their grave side, after the boys finished shovelling the sand back on top of Dad's casket, and thinking of how important they were to me. And, to my family. The many times I have gone to their grave site since, I have often wondered what my kids and their kids will think as they stand around my grave. Oh, that I can grasp life an live it fully - with no regrets, so that one day, whenever that day comes, my kids as well, will also stand and say, "my mom loved me, she prayed for me, she affirmed and blessed me, she loved my dad, she loved to laugh and she lived life to the fullest!" Because in that, they will find peace even amidst the hard stuff of loss.

Seems a little sad in some ways thinking this way, but that is part of what my Thanksgiving always entails. A bittersweet time, because even now, 11 and 10 years later since God took my Mom and Dad "home" I still miss them so much!! And often long to tell them the latest about my kids achievements, or just catch up on the day, or to hear them call me "honey".

But, in spite of the missing them, I can still say, Happy Thanksgiving. God, I am so thankful, I am truly blessed. Thank You Lord. As the weather outside today is grey and cool (about 9 degress celcius) and dreary, inside, in my heart, all is well in the world. :) Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 1

Happy Feet

Last night I watched the movie Happy Feet for the first time. Well, actually the day before I watched the first 35 minutes while on my treadmill. I loved it. Something about that little Mumble that I could just relate too. Do you ever find yourself laughing when no one is around. I think the thing that touched me first off was when the singing teacher told them that they all had a heartsong and that she couldn't teach them their heartsong, but that they all had to find it. Hmmm.... our heartsong. What is my heartsong? What is yours?

These days so much has been said about finding your purpose, or your sweet spot in life, as Max Lucado puts it. The three bouts I had in hospital (June 05, Mar 06 and May 06) were blessings in disguise. I look at those times and realize the gift that they really were, although I didn't notice that at the time. I remember in the March time, that I spent alot of time in Scripture, and also journalling. I learned alot during that time. But could I say in one sentence what my purpose is? Hm....

I believe God created me so that all I do would reflect His image, and would bring Him honor and glory. I have decided lately that I want to live FULLY and to live it to the max! I have realized that I have been given many spiritual gifts, and I want to use them.

Lately, and maybe it is because I am closer to 50 than I was a year ago, however, it just seems that He is implying on me, that life is short. We are merely "passing through" aren't we. I have found that I care "less" about housework, and more about spending time with those I love.

Coffee tastes better when shared with someone! Not sure why I am more of a "thinker" these days, but so much causes me to refect. I have decided that I would like to "capture a moment" in my journal each day - a place where I saw God in my life! Which reminds me, it has been a long time since I have seen a "fuzzy yellow and brown" caterpillar lately. (during a period in my life, God used those fuzzy little things as affirmation of His love and His presence in my life. Long story, but He did!! ) God just loves doing little surprises like that! I love that about HIM.

So back to our heart song. What is it that makes me sing, that makes you sing. Does our heart sing many times throughout the day. What is it that makes us want to dance? (secret to those who may read this, and think that I can't dance... well, I have a few moves of my own when no one is watching!) My feet really want to dance, my spirit moves within me, as a response to life.

The other day I heard the song, couldn't tell you who wrote or sang it, but one line says, "Dancing with my Father God in the fields of grace..." That's me.

So, today, I hope you do a few things....

1) identify your heart song

2) laugh lots

3) dance like no one's watching!

Remember that God is sooooooo good, and He loves you!