Monday, February 18

explaining the silence ...

There has not been any post lately - and I thought I would take a minute just to explain that silence.

The last time I wrote I believe, was the 1st of this month.  Today is the 19th.  How times flies.
I feel like I have not been able to catch my breath lately, although the visits from my grandsons and granddaughter help me to breathe!
Let me fill you in on my life lately.  

First of all, I am very thankful for those of you who have made some impromptu visits, and sat with me around a cup of coffee! You know who you are - and I am thankful for your friendship.  It was one such visit, with a young friend, when I got a phone call from my sister, telling me her daughter had been in a car accident on the West Perimeter, and that she was in emergency surgery, and may not make it.  My friend drove me to the hospital since I was without a car that day.  I sat with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece ... we wept.  We prayed.  We waited.  More family joined us.  We wept more.  We prayed more.  We waited more.  That was the pattern for the rest of the day, until the evening, when after another CT scan, the doctors informed us all, that my niece would not make it - her brain injury was too extensive.

What can I say?  No words can describe the terrible feeling that comes when you hear those words.  It was strange, because somehow I just knew she was not going to make it - but kept praying.  Sometimes I don't know what to do with the "gut feelings" that I often get about things, or an "intuition" or and "insight".  I think God is the one behind all that, but still I often don't know what to do with it.  

We stood, almost our whole extended family - and held her hand, touched her head, whispered words of assurance and love to her.  The whole time with tears pouring down our cheeks.  I often wonder where exactly those tears all come from.  Approximately 12 hours from when her car spun out of control and hit an MTS utility vehicle that was parked on the side of the road - we watched her pass from this life into the arms of the Almighty whom she loved.  And our hearts broke with sorrow.

Last week was full of family - and the memorial service - and more family.  I thank God for family, and never want to take our bonds for granted.  I am so proud of our family ties and love for one another.  
This week, we realize that life, as hard as it is to say, life moves forward.  I know from experience that grief makes you feel like you are in a bubble, and you watch others going about life as normal, but somehow, life feels anything BUT normal.  So, I am spending time praying for my sister, brother-in-law, niece Mel and husband Grant and their kids.  I am also spending time praying for my niece (who died) Keri - for her little 4 1/2 year old.  He is the one left without a mommy.  That breaks my heart.  

I am not sure if you (reading this) are a praying person!  (since I am not sure who all reads my blog)
I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe that God has a plan for our life.  I believe God had a plan for Keri's.  I believe God has a plan for her son.  I don't understand what all happens in life,  but I believe God is Sovereign!

So, I ask you to pray.  Pray for the family Keri left behind.  Pray for strength to get up each morning, and to see that God gives new mercies every morning.  Great is HIS faithfulness!! 
I am posting pictures of the hand-out from Keri's funeral, which I had the privilege of planning, and doing, along with my brother (obit and eulogy) and my daughter (doing all the music) and my son (did the short sermon).  We thank God for Keri's life - and know that she is with Him, and we have just said good-bye for a time, until we are together again.  That is the hope we have because we love the Lord.

This was the inside of the card that was handed out at the service.
Yes, such a tiny little one, but she lived big!!

She was a good mom to her little guy!
Her mom found this handwritten note in Keri's purse.
She had returned to Manitoba in fall of 2011
and this note expresses how blessed she felt!
A reminder for me - to thank God for all things - especially family!

Wednesday, February 6

tell me Granny ....

"tell me Granny, a story about a boy named Everett ..."  (an amazing conclusion to a wonderFULL day!)

My day has been full - an early morning walk with giant snowflakes landing on my cheeks as I walked alongside of my husband.  "Seeing the lazy snowflakes loftily falling down, is relaxing" my husband said.  "Yes" I agreed.  "If only it wasn't always that easy" I added.
Seems I haven't been as relaxed lately.  Hmmm wonder why.  There are a few things that have been surfacing for me lately, although I am somewhat stumped as to why some things are happening, and just this morning, I journalled about my life, asking God to help me out here.  He always does, but for some reason, I have felt a little, let me say, "amiss" so to speak.  Perhaps it is the combination of losing a friend, but running to keep up with life at the same time, that has me feeling somewhat in a turmoil.
Perhaps it is seeing our almost 3 year journey of selling, moving ... moving... moving again, and then finally moving into the house that we have been working on since fall of 2010.  Seems the tiredness has caught up to me, and the realization of what I am about to embark on - has been a little, let's just say, "overwhelming" at times.  (been talking to the Lord about that alot to!)  SO the walk this morning, was good.  It is also one of the things that we have tried to incorporate into our days, and if we can get it done first thing - well, it is done and out of the way!

The walk done, the day just proceeded on.  Breakfast.  Some paper work.  Some email responses.  And then I just started to get the soup going (Hamburger soup made with Italian sausage instead of hamburger!) when in came half of my kids - Ash, Mike and little Matti!  She is just so cute - and well let me say, I am loving the abundance of PINK that came with her arrival!  She was so bright, and it was just so good to snuggle with her again (babysat last night). We hung out all day, ate lunch, drank coffee, chatted and had more coffee (along with a visit over coffee with our friend Arnold). Then it was time for them to head home, and time for Alvin and I to head over to Josh and Leah's to spend the evening with the boys.

It is so good being literally 3 minutes away from our kids, Josh, Leah and our sweet boys.  AND within the year, we will be 3 minutes away from ALL of them, as Michael, Ash and Mattie will also be living out here!  (It is really like when I lived in Anola and sold some acreage to my sister and brother in law, and they shared a drive with us.  Our kids were loved on by Auntie and Uncle Nels, and it was wonderful, topped later in 1997 with having our parents (mom and dad K) build and move right by us too.  Seems our kids loved the family living so close idea, and have adopted it for themselves, which totally thrills me.  (And well, I can drive, walk or bike over to see them all!!)

Anyhow, the evening was fun, although our little Rogie went to bed early as he seems to be fighting off a cold.  And Ev, our night was full of storybooks, and playing pretend.  And at bedtime, Poppa did the preliminary stuff, and I came in to finish the stories, read the bible story, and pray with him.  And then was his little request, "Granny cuddle with me".  (melt, melt)  "Okay, just for a while".
I loved cuddling with my kids, as it was in those moments that we could talk.  Even when the kids were too old to "cuddle" so to speak, they still often came in and laid on the bed to talk.  I loved that.

Everett knows a couple things about this Granny.  He knows that I will tickle his back if he wants me to, or draw on it (pretend pictures).  He also knows that I will make up silly songs (like Mr. Bumbo), and I will make his stuffed animals "talk" to him (like I used to do with Josh and "ricky klassen" his trusted teddybear).  Everett also knows that I will tell him both REAL stories about his daddy and maybe his auntie Ash, and I will also tell him made up stories.  So tonight, his request was "tell me Granny, a story about a boy named Everett" to which I recounted true stories about his life.  One after another after another.  And, he laid there, happy to hear about Everett's antics.

And now, Rogie is asleep in his crib.  Everett is asleep in his bed.  Alvin is asleep on the couch, and me ... well, I am here blogging about my day which has ended with the most amazing realization, that I may be somewhat tired, and a little stressed, and often very overwhelmed, but the best realization is that I am so blessed by my children, and especially my grandchildren - my "sweet ones" as I call them.


And, very very thankful!!  Thank you Lord - for this blessing, for the joy of my family being around, for the delight I see in the eyes of my grandchildren, and for the amazing realization that in life - there is nothing greater than the love and fullness of family!  Alvin, Josh and Leah, Ashley and Michael - Jay Benjamin, Everett John, Roger Thomas and Matilda Joy - YOU ARE MY LIFE AND MY LOVE!!
I am blessed, and thankful

Friday, February 1

Happy Belated Birthday to my little One Year Old

I can't believe it - I did not write a post for my little grandson on his birthday!  I know that life was a little full right around then - with the kids moving, and my friend going into palliative care, and I was doing a fair bit of watching my grandboys - which is so much fun!  However the thing is - I did NOT write a birthday blessing in print!!  NOT that he knows, as he is just ONE and can't read.  But still!!  What kind of a granny am it!!! lol

So, today we celebrated Roger's birthday and Josh's birthday together - over breakfast.  What a party is was!  Some delicious pancakes, nice crispy bacon, whipping cream and lots of fruit, and syrup and to top if off a birthday cake!  (although not many were hungry for cake!)
It was a celebration - and once again, I am so thankful for my kids and grandkids!  OH SO THANKFUL.

But this post is about my grandson Roger Thomas Klassen.
And, since I have chosen to do acrostics for my family this year - Roger - this one is for you Sweet One!!

Robust!  The definition of Robust is: Strong and healthy; vigorous.  This defines my little grandson, who I thank God (truly) that Roger IS strong, and healthy and vigorous!  

Oozes with Sweetness! 

Good-Natured little One

Energizer Bunny!! He goes non-stop.  Learning how to walk early (10 months) means that he has already put 
on quite a few kms on those little legs!!  It is so cute seeing someone so little motoring around!

ROGIE is his nickname!  I used to hate it when my Mom-in-law put eee's on the end of all the kids names.  I was gracious though and never complained!  However - somehow we all call Roger "ROGIE" and it just suits this little guy!

Ticklish! This little guy laughs when you tickle him under his arms!  He is obviously ticklish!

Happy!  He is really and truly the happiest little guy ever! 

Octave.  These days he loves his voice, and has taken to doing little screams just for the pure fun of it.  I am sure he is covering a couple octaves with his scream!  Just doesn't realize that it hurts the ears!  This is one way to get our attention!

Melts my heart with his big smile, and with his beautiful blue eyes that give acknowledgement to the fact that he knows who you are, and that you love him!  I love seeing his face when we come!!  Oh my heart ... melt...melt...m-e-l-t

Always smiling!  Smiles galore!  Our little smile meister!  I hope this is always his outlook on life!

Sweet One!!  

It is my prayer for you Sweet One, my little Roger Thomas - that you will have a year ahead that will be full of good health and happiness for you.  You have turned ONE and there is so much ahead of you - and so much that you will learn from!  It is my prayer that once you are old enough to understand, that you will give your heart to Jesus and follow him with all your heart.  You, my sweet little one - are fearfully and wonderfully made - and I see how sweet you are - with your cute smile and nice white teeth and your beautiful blue eyes.  I pray that you will grow up to love Jesus with all your heart - and that you will be a good friend to other friends you make, and that you will bring the love and grace of Jesus to all those around you.

Happy First Birthday sweet Grandson!  
This granny is head over heels in love with you!