Friday, February 1

Happy Belated Birthday to my little One Year Old

I can't believe it - I did not write a post for my little grandson on his birthday!  I know that life was a little full right around then - with the kids moving, and my friend going into palliative care, and I was doing a fair bit of watching my grandboys - which is so much fun!  However the thing is - I did NOT write a birthday blessing in print!!  NOT that he knows, as he is just ONE and can't read.  But still!!  What kind of a granny am it!!! lol

So, today we celebrated Roger's birthday and Josh's birthday together - over breakfast.  What a party is was!  Some delicious pancakes, nice crispy bacon, whipping cream and lots of fruit, and syrup and to top if off a birthday cake!  (although not many were hungry for cake!)
It was a celebration - and once again, I am so thankful for my kids and grandkids!  OH SO THANKFUL.

But this post is about my grandson Roger Thomas Klassen.
And, since I have chosen to do acrostics for my family this year - Roger - this one is for you Sweet One!!

Robust!  The definition of Robust is: Strong and healthy; vigorous.  This defines my little grandson, who I thank God (truly) that Roger IS strong, and healthy and vigorous!  

Oozes with Sweetness! 

Good-Natured little One

Energizer Bunny!! He goes non-stop.  Learning how to walk early (10 months) means that he has already put 
on quite a few kms on those little legs!!  It is so cute seeing someone so little motoring around!

ROGIE is his nickname!  I used to hate it when my Mom-in-law put eee's on the end of all the kids names.  I was gracious though and never complained!  However - somehow we all call Roger "ROGIE" and it just suits this little guy!

Ticklish! This little guy laughs when you tickle him under his arms!  He is obviously ticklish!

Happy!  He is really and truly the happiest little guy ever! 

Octave.  These days he loves his voice, and has taken to doing little screams just for the pure fun of it.  I am sure he is covering a couple octaves with his scream!  Just doesn't realize that it hurts the ears!  This is one way to get our attention!

Melts my heart with his big smile, and with his beautiful blue eyes that give acknowledgement to the fact that he knows who you are, and that you love him!  I love seeing his face when we come!!  Oh my heart ... melt...melt...m-e-l-t

Always smiling!  Smiles galore!  Our little smile meister!  I hope this is always his outlook on life!

Sweet One!!  

It is my prayer for you Sweet One, my little Roger Thomas - that you will have a year ahead that will be full of good health and happiness for you.  You have turned ONE and there is so much ahead of you - and so much that you will learn from!  It is my prayer that once you are old enough to understand, that you will give your heart to Jesus and follow him with all your heart.  You, my sweet little one - are fearfully and wonderfully made - and I see how sweet you are - with your cute smile and nice white teeth and your beautiful blue eyes.  I pray that you will grow up to love Jesus with all your heart - and that you will be a good friend to other friends you make, and that you will bring the love and grace of Jesus to all those around you.

Happy First Birthday sweet Grandson!  
This granny is head over heels in love with you!  

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