Friday, July 30

down to the last sleep...

Thursday - was a whirlwind of activity - Jeannette (my son-in-law's mom, and my friend) came out by noon - and got to work. Sorry Jeannette - we were working so fast that I forgot to get my camera out! I didn't get everyone that came and worked - later Elmer came out (Jeannette's husband) and Willy and Betty. In the afternoon Leah and Everett joined us at Anola. Leah has been an amazing support for us all - and I am so thankful that we had Everett with us during this move! We would not have been able to have the boys work so long, without the support of our girls! Our kids are absolutely the greatest!!

Leah, Josh and Everett - one last trip as a family to our Anola home! More home visits to come but at a different location! The next chapter of our lives is about to begin!

Just hanging out at Granny and Poppa's....

Everett made one last trip out to Granny and Poppa's! It was so good to have him for a visit. Napping was a little hard for him to do with so much activity, but it was so good to get some hugging time in!

Phoebe comes out with Ashley on Thursday night - after asking if she could provide supper for us. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work - the kitchen is sparkling!

one load after another left the property.... some stuff for the shop... some stuff for the loft...some stuff for storage! 27 years of stuff!

Betty - Thursday night - cleaning the tub, complete with fancy gloves and tiara!!

This morning (Friday) Jo, my friend since Grade 4 - came out early with cleaning supplies, a hot lunch, and fresh applejacks to have for morning coffee break! She worked like crazy - and left things glistening! Even the basement - now that is something!

Ash, Michael and Auntie stop for a picture before Ashley and Michael have to head off to the Thiessen family gathering. The last time for the kids at 35066 Springfield Road. Both of them spent the day working hard, cleaning, transporting, de-junking... my four kids - would not be able to have done this without them!

We had a BIG bonfire going today - it began with burning some personal papers, and then wood, wood, and more wood. It literally burned ALL day. Too bad the marshmallows were packed.

Just a little drink break before the convoy leaves for Henderson...

I get to pose with two of my hardworking guys.

First truck leaves - with the Triumph on the trailer, and other miscellaneous things that are being transported from "shop" to "shop".... Alvin is driving, with Willy as passenger.

Next truck, driven by Nelson, with Mary-Ann as passenger... towing some farm implements that will go "for sale" at our new land. Don't need these any more!

Josh was driving the last of three loaded trucks. He stopped to say good-bye and said "its been a good house, but it's just a house" True... it has been a GOOD house, and our home for 27 years.

Watching them go down Springfield Road - headed for Henderson Hwy.

With everyone else gone, Betty decides to dig up a little bit of the peony bush for Ashley... and hopefully one day a bit of this can go to our new land. (it was quite the job, and not the best time of the plant's life to try to dig it up - so time will tell!)

This will be the first time in MANY years that I have not had to do up the apples. The deer have been enjoying them too!

Nothing left in the living room except the wheel on the wall (which they want) and the saying on the wall (which they also wanted us to leave) where our family pics hung. Oh and you can see the vacuum marks on the rug~ this room is done!
Well since we can not stay here tomorrow night (since possession is Sunday morning, August 1st) that means that this is our last night here ...

Thursday, July 29

Santa Claus and other pictures...

Bryan (friend, firefighter, carpenter) and Michael worked on this peak over the side entrance to the shop (yesterday) while Josh and Alvin began transporting stuff from shop to shop... the beginning of MANY trips to comeThis is the side entrance to the shop. It is actually looking bigger than we thought it would. It will be a wonderful shop (with loft) and we are eager to see what God will use it for!

okay, a little fun while we were packing on Tuesday night. Ashley found our "santa suit" downstairs, and couldn't resist. Actually she went out and surprised Michael who was cutting our grass! Never a dull moment with my gang.

Actually, she could give Santa a run for his money!
Looks like the hair and beard are a little out of control!

Early Morning Songs

I know that I have a few friends/family who have specifically been praying for me, because they know how emotional it has been lately for a number of reasons. Last night, on facebook, Betty asked me how my day went, to which I replied that it had actually been a pretty good day - that I only cried once, and that I wasn't feeling overwhelmed (even though everyone who comes into my home likely looks and feels overwhelmed!). To which Betty wrote back (on facebook chat) that she would pray for me again tomorrow (today) which meant that Betty had prayed for me yesterday!

I know that I am transparent... that my kids know when something is up with me. My one sister knows that if I am not answering, it may be because I am a) truly not home or b) too close to tears to talk at the moment (which is what happened last Friday when both home phone and cell took messages all day.

I am okay with tears. Goodness... I think everyone knows that! I love the verse about God saving our tears in a bottle, and have often wondered WHY does God do that?

I have a full day ahead of me - but I am not overwhelmed. My good friend Jeannette is coming out this morning and will be here for night... she is an organizer, I figure the dust will fly!! (lol) Plus we will have some overdue chat time! (she is my friend, but also family, since she is my son Michael's mom!)

Later, Phoebe is bringing supper (O Phoebe you are such a sweet friend!) And more (our kids, Betty and Willy) are coming out to help move this evening... it is all good, but I have a feeling it will be a long day, full day, fun day, and that tonight Alvin and I will flop down into our mattresses on the floor, and sigh...

I have a car full of clothes to go and drop off (at the second hand stores) and so will go shortly, however as I sat here checking emails, the words from a song ran through my mind. As God usually does, I believe He sent these words to my heart, and they are just in time!!

Be still and know, that I am God.
Be still and know, that I am God.
Be still and know, that I am God.

I am the Lord who healeth thee
I am the Lord who healeth thee
I am the Lord who healeth thee

In Thee O Lord, I put my trust
In Thee O Lord, I put my trust
In Thee O Lord, I put my trust

Be still and know, that I am God
Be still and know, that I am God
Be still and know, that I am God.

(repetitive, but a most peaceful song for my heart this morning... God has used this often with me, and knows I need it today. Thank you Lord!)

Tuesday, July 27

my husband ~ another day at work!

Another day on the job ~ fighting fires ~ saving lives ~ rescuing cats!*473/fire-cat-rescue.jpg

Yesterday I got a text from my friend Willy, who told me that if I wanted to see Alvin at work - to check Winnipeg Free Press online. Later in the day I was finally able to - and this is what I found... my man rescuing a cat!
Yes, firefighters DO rescue pets as well!
In this case, the cat was going to be okay after some t.l.c.

I think that if I imagine a firefighter - this is what I imagine... my husband...
but then again, I am obviously biased!
And, I figure the best looking one on the force, besides my son!
The mustache gave him away I think!

Friday, Saturday, Monday and Today...

As I post some pictures from Friday, Saturday, yesterday and this morning - I was struck with the thought... "yesterday, today and tomorrow" and know that it is the Holy Spirit within reminding me of the faithfulness of God in my life - past, present and future. Jesus - the beginning and the end. Jesus the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Jesus.

I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him, until that day! (words from an old song, that just came into my memory)

I really do not have time to be sitting here blogging, but since a picture is worth a thousand words - here are the pictures from Saturday, yesterday and today. Lord - to you we give the praise!

Tuesday morning - bright and early - the work began

A little cup of coffee - on the rooftop

Last night after the storm passed
dipping and dumping the water that we pushed into the pit while squeegee-ing

Alvin and Willy squeegee-ing the top floor

water rushing down off the top as they squeegee

Betty at work

soaked... as we waited out the storm, the water was dripping through the top floor

but with the heat - a little water was refreshing
somehow Betty is able to see the joy in everything!

Betty and Willy - called and came to the land, complete with work gloves!

Saturday - work was done sheeting the place

Wayne stopped only when we called a "coffee break" time!

Friday work - Brennan and Alvin
Josh was in the middle - holding the trusses from this point...

This work was really hard to watch, but so glad when it was completed.

If you are reading, please keep the boys (today the boys are: Michael, Joshua, Ryan and Alvin) in your prayers as they shingle... we have to shingle so we can move our stuff from the Anola shop into this one... (yes, a little pressure!) Please also pray that the rain will hold off at least where they are working!
Thanks... now onto today....

O Lord I give it to you - today - all of it - whatever it holds...
Sometimes Lord that phrase makes me nervous, as I do not know what it holds, and I know that sometimes our life takes twists and turns that bring us face down literally...
But Lord, you are in control... we know that. So, we give this day to you - I give you my whole family and ask you blessing on them and us as we work, pack, play, eat together...
Lord, we praise you for all you are, for who you are - for what you have done and are doing in our lives. We love you. Amen.

Saturday, July 24

Cupcakes at Sunnyside

Jay Benjamin Klassen - born July 24th, 2008

O Little One - how privileged I am to be your Granny

You were fearfully and wonderfully made ~ absolutely perfect.
Psalm 139
This Psalm will always remind me of you Sweet Jay

Daisies... the yellow ones representing how old you would be today.
2 years old
I can just imagine you Jay
you would have been quite the little guy I am sure ...

I imagine you in Heaven today ~

Poppa with Everett.
Everett was very serious
Everett will grow up knowing that he has a big brother in Heaven

A little playtime on the grass

the birthday balloon wavers in the wind

the watermelon is eaten

Cupcakes were yummy, and iced tea refreshing.

Everett is tired... seems that it is time to go

But we will be back, as we continue to remember the little one we lost too soon

With Jesus but oh how we wish you were here Jay Benjamin!

Today was my little grandson Jay Benjamin Klassen's second birthday. His mommy and daddy (Josh and Leah) invited us to a little gathering at Sunnyside Cemetery. Leah had ordered cupcakes, and we enjoyed them, watermelon and Iced Tea. It was a beautiful (very hot) day, and the little ones (Everett and his sweet little cousin) sat on the blankets, and analyzed one another, and played with toys, completely oblivious to why we were there at Sunnyside. HOWEVER I know that Everett will grow up knowing that he has a big brother in heaven! Sunnyside will no doubt always be one of the places that they venture to often.

Yesterday I bought some flowers to take to Sunnyside. As I was doing some running around today (for Alvin) I went past Family Florist (Henderson, close to Grace Cafe) as I needed a ribbon to tie them, and realized I had no ribbon at home. So I went in, and explained what I wanted. They asked me which ribbon I wanted, and I picked it out. While she got it ready for me, I talked with her husband and got out my money to pay. She put it on the counter and he gave it to me and say here you go. No charge. I said, "No, I really want to pay" and they insisted no, and said it was for a good cause. (I had told them I needed a ribbon to go around some daisies to lay at the cemetery, and that it was my Grandson I was laying flowers for.) I turned around to thank them, and could hardly get it out... I was crying. I was also so touched. I know - it was a BOW... but they touched me with their care and generosity.

Taking flowers to Sunnyside just feels right. It is something that at least I can do in honor of my little grandson. My first born grandson, Jay Benjamin Klassen.

Jay is with Jesus. We are here, but one day will be with Jesus too... and will be able to hold our Jay again! We grieve, but we also have hope. That makes all the difference.

Right about an hour into the gathering, our little Everett just could not contain his sleepy little self any more! It was hot there... with the only shade provided by the men standing and shielding the kids! Everett one day, will likely bring the balloon himself - and put it by Jay's little headstone.

Today I have wept... Today I have laughed.
Today I remembered when I held little Jay and tears fell on him.
I am thankful that Jay was my firstborn grandson, and I know I will see him again in Heaven.
His birth feels like yesterday in some ways...
And in other ways it feels like we have been walking in grief forever...
Jesus knows all that, and continues to bring healing to us.

Jay Benjamin Klassen - perfect.
At home with Jesus... but we wish he was at home here, with us.
Jay - we love you sweet one!

perhaps I can share his picture DVD with you again?
go to

Friday, July 23

so dog gone close to tears already first thing in the morning

up early
bath (complete with jets)
arthritis pain med (2 pills, O Lord take the pain and stiffness away)
make boys lunch (as they build)
load car with stuff for loft
drive to Josh, Leah and Ev's place
carry stuff up
Alvin goes to land with josh
i chat with Leah
drive into city
pull over to talk to my dear friend on the phone
drive through at McDonald's for breakfast
now at Mountain Bean - for coffee and recoup (what is on the list for today)

need to get insurance on my dad's house (long story, but his widow passed away)
need to arrange for grass cutting at my dad's place
soon will have to clean up there and list the house (after 13 years with dad being gone)
need to finish insurance details on our build/contents etc
need to decide on and buy shingles (Lord willing they will shingle the shop tomorrow)

there is more packing (need to run home shortly)
I have stuff at Anola
stuff at the loft
stuff in our semi trailer (we bought purely for storage and have moved on site)

this afternoon i will come back into the city
and meet with Kara
(oh sweet Kara, she knows her insurance stuff, Al and Jan have taught her well!)
we will work on our insurance
we will work on my dad's insurance

tonight we are back at K and K's again for supper
she will not let me bring a thing beside Alvin and our bathing suits and towels
two years ago they provided the warm fellowship and love when we needed someone to cry on
let's face it - at this point when our lives are spread over a few locations,
a home made meal is a luxury
(Betty made supper for her and i on Wednesday and it was oh so good)
Thank you Lord for friends!

my phone will ring today
and i feel like i really can't talk
my tears are just below the surface
(and yes someone will be thinking "oh dear she is depressed")
the thing is - i am just trying to juggle body pain, lack of sleep and the emotions of grief intermingled with great joy, and the mental stuff of trying to figure out not just one household but several...)
so I figure tears are quite okay
i will cry them
and get on with life...
because we all know "life" stands still for no one

if you got to the bottom of this post - can i ask you one thing
please pray for us
  • safety for the guys as they build
  • for us to be able to work through all the emotions that we have (which besides the obvious, also includes leaving our "home" of 27 years, and our young neighbors (Cathy Travis and their kids) who are so dear to our hearts, I can hardly think of leaving them!)

Thanks for that... and as I said before - the tears are okay... I will just keep rolling up my pants so I don't get them wet! :)

Thursday, July 22

emotions (sigh)

5:30 I arrive at the land thinking I was picking up Alvin,
and found him working with his (our) brother Rick.
So what was I to do? Hmmm... looks like there is alot of water to be "squeegee'd!" and let me tell you - 5 hours later - it was almost gone - from this floor AND the second story.
I got a blister, and soaked feet but it was good to work out some of my emotions.
(ya I have many of them!)
So, here they go - the first of a long series of pictures...
Alvin is describing how he thinks the 2 of them can get this on top...
you can't see him, but Rick is beside him, as they figure out the game plan
Would you believe it - this is luke warm coffee from 7 am... today.
You know you are desparate for coffee when...
at this point I was soaked (from the rain) and cold, and my feet looked like prunes from all the water I was wading in as I squeegeed.
So now Michael came to the rescue. This is where the plan got really interesting...
and well, scary to watch.
Alvin putting up some braces so that when they lift the wall up on the beam -
it won't fall forward.
And the fun begins...
almost in place - just had to hit it with a 2 by 4 (or whatever) to get the one part in -
the rain had made the wood swell a little...
boys do a bit more work
then they decide to put up a few sheets.... I think it was 3 or 4...
Check out Alvin's expression -
even he was concerned about putting the boys up high...
steady, steady...

I don't normally allow myself to cry when I talk with my kids... this week I have been choking back alot of tears for a number of reasons... especially while driving by myself. However today, when I talked with Ashley (who is in BC) and she asked me how I was doing, and the floodgates opened briefly!

Originally I was just going to write a one word blog. The one word is OVERWHELMED.

I am not trying to get pity.
I am not trying to guilt anyone.
I do not want to hear "poor you, you have so much to do with the move."
In fact - I don't know what I want other than to just make the statement.
I am feeling overwhelmed.
(sure it will feel better in the morning!)

But then, after dropping off cleaning supplies, and a rug, and a couple other things as the loft, I proceeded on to pick up Alvin. He was going to do some work, but then called it off and just said we would go home. After all it had rained all afternoon. But when I got there, my brother in law Rick was there... so, they were just going to do a couple things... then they got on to other things... it was starting to look like they absolutely needed another set of hands. So, we called Michael...who came to the land.
Like I said - originally I was just going to post the word OVERWHELMED without comment... but then I got to taking some pictures and well - it is wonderful. While I was there - from 5:30 pm until 10:00 pm (had to stop when it got dark) I actually "sqeegee'd" the water off of the second floor loft, and from the main floor. I have soaking wet sandals (with my orthotics), actually for a while I was barefoot but it got a little slippery. My feet looked like prunes... I got a blister from the handle...and just consumed some tylenol arthritis 8 hour release pills...
However, working there was good for me - except I would have loved a cup of coffee! I could only dream of a good fresh cup as I drank my 7 am - luke warm coffee - 14 hours later!
So - I am overwhelmed and tired... but feeling a little better because of the manual work, it was good for me. Up at 6:30 - I need to hit the sack. (that is IF I can actually lower myself down onto the mattresses on our floor, with my sore back). Emotionally, well.... you figure it out. Today I was at little Lucas' funeral... and Saturday is our little grandson Jay's second birthday celebrating in Heaven. Today I imagined him playing and running with Lucas...

So here I am tired, sore, blistered, overwhelmed. (time for bed now that the photos are loaded)

Tomorrow is a new day - thank you Lord. Please give us rest tonight.

Hope you enjoy the pictures above - believe me -
some of the moves these guys figured out - were a little scary to watch.
Good thing I was hiding behind my camera!