Saturday, July 24

Cupcakes at Sunnyside

Jay Benjamin Klassen - born July 24th, 2008

O Little One - how privileged I am to be your Granny

You were fearfully and wonderfully made ~ absolutely perfect.
Psalm 139
This Psalm will always remind me of you Sweet Jay

Daisies... the yellow ones representing how old you would be today.
2 years old
I can just imagine you Jay
you would have been quite the little guy I am sure ...

I imagine you in Heaven today ~

Poppa with Everett.
Everett was very serious
Everett will grow up knowing that he has a big brother in Heaven

A little playtime on the grass

the birthday balloon wavers in the wind

the watermelon is eaten

Cupcakes were yummy, and iced tea refreshing.

Everett is tired... seems that it is time to go

But we will be back, as we continue to remember the little one we lost too soon

With Jesus but oh how we wish you were here Jay Benjamin!

Today was my little grandson Jay Benjamin Klassen's second birthday. His mommy and daddy (Josh and Leah) invited us to a little gathering at Sunnyside Cemetery. Leah had ordered cupcakes, and we enjoyed them, watermelon and Iced Tea. It was a beautiful (very hot) day, and the little ones (Everett and his sweet little cousin) sat on the blankets, and analyzed one another, and played with toys, completely oblivious to why we were there at Sunnyside. HOWEVER I know that Everett will grow up knowing that he has a big brother in heaven! Sunnyside will no doubt always be one of the places that they venture to often.

Yesterday I bought some flowers to take to Sunnyside. As I was doing some running around today (for Alvin) I went past Family Florist (Henderson, close to Grace Cafe) as I needed a ribbon to tie them, and realized I had no ribbon at home. So I went in, and explained what I wanted. They asked me which ribbon I wanted, and I picked it out. While she got it ready for me, I talked with her husband and got out my money to pay. She put it on the counter and he gave it to me and say here you go. No charge. I said, "No, I really want to pay" and they insisted no, and said it was for a good cause. (I had told them I needed a ribbon to go around some daisies to lay at the cemetery, and that it was my Grandson I was laying flowers for.) I turned around to thank them, and could hardly get it out... I was crying. I was also so touched. I know - it was a BOW... but they touched me with their care and generosity.

Taking flowers to Sunnyside just feels right. It is something that at least I can do in honor of my little grandson. My first born grandson, Jay Benjamin Klassen.

Jay is with Jesus. We are here, but one day will be with Jesus too... and will be able to hold our Jay again! We grieve, but we also have hope. That makes all the difference.

Right about an hour into the gathering, our little Everett just could not contain his sleepy little self any more! It was hot there... with the only shade provided by the men standing and shielding the kids! Everett one day, will likely bring the balloon himself - and put it by Jay's little headstone.

Today I have wept... Today I have laughed.
Today I remembered when I held little Jay and tears fell on him.
I am thankful that Jay was my firstborn grandson, and I know I will see him again in Heaven.
His birth feels like yesterday in some ways...
And in other ways it feels like we have been walking in grief forever...
Jesus knows all that, and continues to bring healing to us.

Jay Benjamin Klassen - perfect.
At home with Jesus... but we wish he was at home here, with us.
Jay - we love you sweet one!

perhaps I can share his picture DVD with you again?
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