Wednesday, July 7

packing up a lifetime

it is a strange thing
packing up a lifetime of stuff
old stuff
new stuff
used stuff
piles litter my living room
a pile for give away
a pile of junk in multiple green garbage bags
waiting to go in the heap outside for the big garbage pick-up
i go downstairs
it is cool
the humidifier is on
i feel slight dampness on my feet
the boys come for a third trailer full
furniture is loaded
some furniture is put into the garage for a yard sale
"one person's junk is another one's treasure"
time will tell
ice cold lemonade
juicy red watermelon
the weather is hot
but there is a wind
the boys work hard
carrying out things from the basement that we wished we hadn't put there in the first place
heavy things
(who in the world ever invented those heavy hide-a-beds!)
i am thankful for my guys
my husband
and my sons Josh and Michael
strong men
very very strong
with the truck and trailer pulling off the yard
i sit down with a little snack
and take a few minutes for resting
it is an emotional thing
packing up a lifetime in one place
27 years
in a home that was originally built by Alvin and his dad
where does time go
our kids have grown up here
Josh was one and a half when we moved in
Ashley has known no other home
we have given accommodation to several people in this home during their "home builds"
my sister and brother-in-law
my mom and dad in-law
our kids, Josh and Leah
we have fed people here around our table
many many people
we have made more pots of coffee than we could ever count
we have eaten at the table, cried at the table, laughed and talked at the table
the table represents friendship, family and fellowship
and i am so thankful
all of a sudden the rooms look so big
all of a sudden i see the dust that was lingering under the furniture
all of a sudden i imagine what the walls would say if they could talk
this has been a wonderful place to call home
we raised our kids here
we were able to spend time with our little Everett here
but we are moving onto the next stage in life
at fifty-two, somehow it seems that we are beginning part two of life
i can think about the move
i can talk about it
i can joke about the mess that the house is in right now
heck - I can even sit down and have coffee with my friend who stops by unexpectedly
(she would have helped pack but i wouldn't let her today)
i think i am handling it
after all the move is still just over three weeks away
and yet when i sat down at the table last night with my daughter
and i was thanking God for the meal, for family, for the day
i began to weep
should have known that the emotions are just sitting underneath the surface
waiting to come out
in the meantime i will sort
i will throw out
i will divide and conquer the stuff
and make more bins for the boys to move
in the meantime i will cherish these last remaining days and nights
and as alvin and i settle into bed
which at this point are just the mattresses on the floor
i will thank God
for this home that has been my life
for my husband
for my kids
for my grandsons
for my family and friends
and for my neighbors whom i will miss alot
and as i fall asleep
i know God will seal these memories deeply into my being
to pull out later on those days when i need to smile and remember
how life was from august 6, 1983 until august 1, 2010 at 35066 Springfield Road
till then
as i pack
i will think
i will cry
i will laugh
i will soak up each moment and treasure it in my heart
thank you God

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