Friday, July 16

Packing... well, Leah packed and I played!

Yesterday Leah and Everett came out to Anola. What a reprieve I got... reprieve from packing boxes. Honestly there is so much dust that I have disturbed that my nose has been constantly running, and the sneezing is common! So, when Leah and Everett came out it was such a welcome reprieve in my day! Leah came out to help pack. And me - well, someone has to hug, hold, talk to, take pictures of, play with, cuddle Everett - so it may as well be Granny!!

He is changing so much. Each time I see him he is talking more - squealing more - laughing - looking at everything - I feel like all I want to do is sit and watch him. So, I did. (well he had a little nap and then Leah and I ate lunch and chatted!) But when he got up - because there are limited things at our house now (no high chair, no jolly jumper, etc) I just sat myself down on the floor and played! And Leah packed AND I was thankful!

At this point there is less and less to pack up. The kitchen stuff will be packed last - canned goods, dishes, etc. However, alot of the drawers are done in the kitchen. In fact downstairs all the shelves and drawers are cleaned out. Upstairs too - except for our clothes. That is where I am really procrastinating.

Alvin and I cleaned up the garage - as I think I will do a garage sale. There is some stuff that would be suitable for someone else's home or cottage (day bed, captain's bed, hide-a-bed, dressers, our bedroom suite, a drafting desk, wall unit, etc.) I just need to convince my boys that one of them should come an help us carry the remaining stuff out of the house! Alvin can't do it alone, although he would try! So, I think I may try the garage sale for this Sunday (if I can get the stuff out in time). I will say it here - I really really hate garage sales. I am pathetic at pricing. Pathetic at bartering (which is very obvious in countries like Cuba or the Dominican Republic or Mexico!) But - we really want to get rid of this stuff. (and if someone else wants to cart it away - the better it is!) Time will tell.

But back to yesterday - it was soooo good to be with my little grandson! It was so nice for Leah to come and pack for me. (Ash packed last week, and Leah this week - I am so thankful for the extra hands! Thank you girls!) Yesterday's was a reprieve that brought life to my being!!

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