Friday, July 30

down to the last sleep...

Thursday - was a whirlwind of activity - Jeannette (my son-in-law's mom, and my friend) came out by noon - and got to work. Sorry Jeannette - we were working so fast that I forgot to get my camera out! I didn't get everyone that came and worked - later Elmer came out (Jeannette's husband) and Willy and Betty. In the afternoon Leah and Everett joined us at Anola. Leah has been an amazing support for us all - and I am so thankful that we had Everett with us during this move! We would not have been able to have the boys work so long, without the support of our girls! Our kids are absolutely the greatest!!

Leah, Josh and Everett - one last trip as a family to our Anola home! More home visits to come but at a different location! The next chapter of our lives is about to begin!

Just hanging out at Granny and Poppa's....

Everett made one last trip out to Granny and Poppa's! It was so good to have him for a visit. Napping was a little hard for him to do with so much activity, but it was so good to get some hugging time in!

Phoebe comes out with Ashley on Thursday night - after asking if she could provide supper for us. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work - the kitchen is sparkling!

one load after another left the property.... some stuff for the shop... some stuff for the loft...some stuff for storage! 27 years of stuff!

Betty - Thursday night - cleaning the tub, complete with fancy gloves and tiara!!

This morning (Friday) Jo, my friend since Grade 4 - came out early with cleaning supplies, a hot lunch, and fresh applejacks to have for morning coffee break! She worked like crazy - and left things glistening! Even the basement - now that is something!

Ash, Michael and Auntie stop for a picture before Ashley and Michael have to head off to the Thiessen family gathering. The last time for the kids at 35066 Springfield Road. Both of them spent the day working hard, cleaning, transporting, de-junking... my four kids - would not be able to have done this without them!

We had a BIG bonfire going today - it began with burning some personal papers, and then wood, wood, and more wood. It literally burned ALL day. Too bad the marshmallows were packed.

Just a little drink break before the convoy leaves for Henderson...

I get to pose with two of my hardworking guys.

First truck leaves - with the Triumph on the trailer, and other miscellaneous things that are being transported from "shop" to "shop".... Alvin is driving, with Willy as passenger.

Next truck, driven by Nelson, with Mary-Ann as passenger... towing some farm implements that will go "for sale" at our new land. Don't need these any more!

Josh was driving the last of three loaded trucks. He stopped to say good-bye and said "its been a good house, but it's just a house" True... it has been a GOOD house, and our home for 27 years.

Watching them go down Springfield Road - headed for Henderson Hwy.

With everyone else gone, Betty decides to dig up a little bit of the peony bush for Ashley... and hopefully one day a bit of this can go to our new land. (it was quite the job, and not the best time of the plant's life to try to dig it up - so time will tell!)

This will be the first time in MANY years that I have not had to do up the apples. The deer have been enjoying them too!

Nothing left in the living room except the wheel on the wall (which they want) and the saying on the wall (which they also wanted us to leave) where our family pics hung. Oh and you can see the vacuum marks on the rug~ this room is done!
Well since we can not stay here tomorrow night (since possession is Sunday morning, August 1st) that means that this is our last night here ...


christine said...

its hard to say "goodbye" to a house. we moved so much when i was a child growing up,and as an adult... kent and i have moved about 6 times already....but even though it was/is commonplace in my still never diminished the fact that a house was special and kind of hard to leave. especially if the people who lived in it are special!!
you have lived there for 27 years!!!!! that is huge!!!! if you shed some tears and take time to let the memories flash before your eyes for awhile...that ok, and good!
i'm so glad you had so much support and help with the move, that must have been SO wonderful. :)
now for the future!!! God bless you.

Andrea said...

You have such a great family!

ps: LOVE the picture of you cleaning the bath tub with the tiara!! :)