Monday, August 2

We closed the ANOLA chapter

Well what can I say... we have moved. We have slept two nights in a row in our new home, the "loft" in our kids barn. (no it is not a straw and hay and animals barn, but a cute little red barn that they built and lived in the loft while they were building their house). Alvin got up this morning and left for work - the drive half as long as before. I got up and looked at the boxes (which I wanted to work through) but I just couldn't get moving very fast. I figure it is okay - I have time now. Just need to find the energy. I am wondering which box I packed that in!

I do have to say however, that the song from the Beatles (I think?) "I get by with a little help from my friends) is resonating in my head. And honestly, that is the only way we got moved, EXCEPT the line sung should be I GOT by with ALOTTA help from my friends (and family).

We had non stop help last week - besides our kids (honestly, our kids, the four of them are the most amazing kids a parent could have. We are so thankful and so blessed! We love you kids!)
Then there was Jeannette (who took off work and came to help Thursday - most of the day) and Elmer (her husband) and Phoebe (their daughter) and Willy and Betty, and then on Friday there was Josie (who cleaned the whole basement) and then Mary-Ann and Nelson, and Betty and Willy (yes again) and our kids... and Saturday - a return of Mary-Ann and Nelson, Betty and Willy, and Mary and Henry! Oh my goodness - we are sooooooooooo blessed.
And humbled. Greatly, greatly humbled. I just hope that one day, we can help them in return...

So - we are out of Anola. Alvin and I went and got the last load after dark, and I mopped the dining room and wept. I had wanted to walk the back forty. I had wanted to walk Springfield one more time. But it was dark... and time to finish up and say good-bye.

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