Thursday, August 12

thoughts from alongside a hospital bed

Yesterday my sister-in-law and I took Mom K. to emergency - as she had been in big pain due to some fractured vertebrae (from her multiple myeloma aka cancer) and little did we know how the day would unfold. I would travel by ambulance service - as they transferred mom to Grace Hospital. She returned back to Seven Oaks this afternoon.

Mom K. is one strong woman. We saw how she rebounded from her bout in the hospital last year with renal failure - and became their "miracle child". However right now - it seems that she is fighting hard. It looks bleak, but we are not giving up - she certainly has not.

I sat with her today - for a long time - before and during and after visits from other siblings...
and had a good talk about heaven. We are supposed to not get to used to life here - isn't that what the Word says - that LIFE for us is ahead - if we have given our life to Jesus Christ.
But - how do you process end of life - when you love so hard in the here and now. We don't have anyone to tell us that the transition to be with Jesus is not scary. It is unknown...
However - we believe that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord which is far better...

As I go to bed tonight - I will go with thoughts of Mom who is asleep in a hospital bed - her mind no doubt dull from painkillers, but full of all the things she was told today. Lord, please bring comfort, peace and freedom from pain. Your will be done Lord - in her life - and in mine.

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