Saturday, August 28

such a privilege.....

This morning I had the great privilege of watching my little grandson for a couple hours while the kids went for breakfast with friends. And, I am serious when I say it is a privilege. I watch our little Everett... and wonder what he is thinking when he appears so serious!

I watch him as he looks at himself in the little mirror on his exersaucer. Oh Little One - how sweet you are.

I laugh with him when he laughs. We growl with him when he growls. (Although I can't compare to the growling that he and Poppa do together). I talk with him, and hug him. I love the smell of his baby skin. I hold his hands as he wants to be upright and "walking". I pick up toys when he drops them. Feed him his food so lovingly made by his mommy. I love the sparkle when his daddy comes in the room and calls his name!

Today, as he was in his exersaucer, I sang to him. I do that often (especially when it is just Everett and I). We can tell already that he loves music. There are times when it even seems that he is singing along, or sings after you do.

So today, I can dream about my little grandson, who is on his way to being 9 months in September. He is growing so quickly. His first tooth made its appearance a couple weeks ago. It was interesting today as I watched him... I had a flood of emotions rush over me, and I felt like I was back in my mothering days, watching my own little son. Sometimes watching Everett takes me right back, because I see so much of Josh in him.

I will continue to dream as I spend time with my grandson. But more than that, I will continue to pray that God uses this little guy for his honor and glory. That has always been my prayer - first for my own children, and now for my grandchildren ~ that they will grow to put their trust in Jesus Christ. That they would love him with all their hearts, and make their own relationship with him once they are old enough to make that decision. Till then, this Granny will love, support, and pray without ceasing for my grand kids.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
before I sign off on this post - I will share a video I found. It is of a little 7 year old girl with the most amazing voice! I remember when Ashley was old enough to talk - she sang. It is quite something to see someone so young but loving the Lord with all her heart! Wow...
See that is why I am lifting my grandson before the throne too. He may not be a singer on You Tube but I have a feeling that the Lord is going to use our Everett John in amazing ways. Time will tell! Till then, this Granny will just pray!

I hope you are just as blessed as I was - to hear this little girl sing!

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