Sunday, September 30

thankful for my "above average Joe"

The other day - I saw something in the paper, actually it was the "free" paper - the Metro - that we get pretty much everywhere.  It can be found at my workplace, at the bus stops, at Subway Restaurants, in the malls ... pretty much all over the place.  And it is free!  (not much is free anymore).  Anyhow - the other day, as I was eating lunch at work, I came across an article in the Metro, and it was titled "above average Joe" and at the end of the article, Kerri Salki (who is part of the Joe Show with Kerri and Bubba on 102.3 ClearFM from 5:30 am to 9 am) says "Just because they're not famous doesn't mean they're not a somebody.  If you know an Above Average Joe that you think needs recognition email me at ...

SO I did.  YES, I was the one who suggested that my sweet man, was an "above average Joe" and YES I am pretty proud of him!  So, the long and the short of it - she emailed me some questions that Alvin needed to answer.  I typed his answers (since I do type a little faster than him, although he tells me that now, when he does his two fingered report writing on the computer, he is pretty fast, and sometimes crosses over with his two fingers onto other keys!! )  

Last Thursday, there it was in the Metro - the story about my sweet Man.  The title was "Firefighter Builds Homes, Relationships".  I was not sure how he was going to react to being "recognized" but seeing as how there was nothing embarassing in there - he was actually quite okay with it.

You see ... I just thought that it WAS time that somehow I recognized this man, who has been a gift to me for the last 38 years that we have been in love (38 when we met, and 34 since we married!)  At this point in our journey, my above average Joe (Alvin) is one tired guy.  We are trying to figure out how to get a rhythm that includes REST in it.  I think he actually only knows two speeds (much like his mom and dad) and I tease him that as soon as his feet go up (in the lazy boy chair) his eyelids close!  

This weekend we did take some time (after planting some trees) to just hang out and do some impromptu time with friends (whom we are so thankful for!).  We walked in Bird's Hill park with Kim and Kevin and then had a great supper at Pineridge Hollow.  
On Saturday we had a great supper with Willy and Betty and then cruised in the convertibles through Birds Hill Park again, and ended off with a drive to have coffee in Selkirk.  Today we got to visit with friends within our church community at Eastview Community Church, and then had TWO impromptu visits back to back with Sue and Graeme, and then John and Toni.  (Just love the fact that our friends actually take us up when we say, "If you are every driving by, just drop in!")  We ended off just a little while ago with an impromptu supper with our "adopted" son Mike F and his son Marcus who were here with Alvin, planting some seed in the back. (Mike is not really adopted by us - I just keep teasing him that I am going to adopt him as my son!) 

I am just sitting here now - with dishes done (mostly) and thinking about my visit with Mr. Pillow shortly, and I am just so so SO thankful for the life we have - for my faith in Jesus Christ - for my family - for my friends and especially for my above average Joe - Alvin.
This has been a real good weekend - and I am thankful.  Just a few pics to share of the weekend!  Now this girl is heading off to bed.  Night.  Tomorrow is another new day!

a picture I took of the article

yep, that's my guy

not just cousins to me, but FRIENDS ... love these 2

just realize it was quite the look I was sporting that day - with my runners!
me and my sweet man!

one more beautiful prairie sunset!

and the moon...

gotta love this guy!

Friday, September 21


Life has been full lately - and so it is, that as I drive - I find my self savouring each moment of thought that I have all to myself.  Often the radio is on, but I couldn't tell you the words to the tune if my life depended on it, let alone the tune that just played.  It is sort of like keeping the TV on when you are home - just for background noise.

I have been working alot - and I have found that it has completely "upset the proverbial apple cart" so to speak.  All of the things that I want/need/have to do ... all of those things are coming in as secondary.  I get up - leave - come home - do the basics, and then head off to bed only to repeat in the morning.
I will admit that I am tired.  I think my life - with its overflowingness (I know it is not a real word) but that is how I feel.  OVERFLOWINGNESS!!

SO ... when I drive - I love the quiet - I love that the trip in is a journey that I do daily.  Me and God with some tunes in the background.

I am so glad that even when I am tired - that He is NOT - and that it is in HIS STRENGTH that I continue on - day in, day out.   My journey through life - exhausting/exhilarating all wrapped up into one.  And some days - that old gravel road I walked in Anola brings back fond memories, but the paved highway I travel now - is making new ones!

Monday, September 17

an attack from the devil!


Because our God
 is BIGGER!!

Today I got home and found out that my daughters had been looking for me/texting me.  I called Ashley after I had read Leah's text, and had checked our ministry website.  Apparently it was taken over by someone/something and what we found was nothing short of appalling. What I found made me so angry - and sad at what is in the world.

Immediately, the verse from 1 Peter 5:8 came to me - as I was on the phone with Ashley who had been trying hard to get an answer (of course, there is never a contact number to call if you need it).  

SO there are two things - PLEASE go to our OLD SITE:

AND please redirect anyone you know who also should know.

Please also pray that we can make arrangements to get a proper website, one that can never be tampered with, up and running.

We know that Satan looks for any foothold he can get - and obviously - he thinks he has found one, but OUR GOD is way bigger!!  I guess we have his attention - and he doesn't like that the ministry Women Refreshed at the Well
is moving ahead!!  

1 Peter 5:8

New International Version (NIV)
Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.