Friday, September 21


Life has been full lately - and so it is, that as I drive - I find my self savouring each moment of thought that I have all to myself.  Often the radio is on, but I couldn't tell you the words to the tune if my life depended on it, let alone the tune that just played.  It is sort of like keeping the TV on when you are home - just for background noise.

I have been working alot - and I have found that it has completely "upset the proverbial apple cart" so to speak.  All of the things that I want/need/have to do ... all of those things are coming in as secondary.  I get up - leave - come home - do the basics, and then head off to bed only to repeat in the morning.
I will admit that I am tired.  I think my life - with its overflowingness (I know it is not a real word) but that is how I feel.  OVERFLOWINGNESS!!

SO ... when I drive - I love the quiet - I love that the trip in is a journey that I do daily.  Me and God with some tunes in the background.

I am so glad that even when I am tired - that He is NOT - and that it is in HIS STRENGTH that I continue on - day in, day out.   My journey through life - exhausting/exhilarating all wrapped up into one.  And some days - that old gravel road I walked in Anola brings back fond memories, but the paved highway I travel now - is making new ones!

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ashleymarie said...

good thing you're spending some good hours driving to grand forks today to spend a weekend with your 2 favorite daughters and your grandsons (and grandbaby on the way!)

time for some relaxing :)