Wednesday, September 16

I almost fell off my chair!!

I am convinced that God must smile when He gets to show off His power, His might, His love to us
especially when we are least expecting it!!

It has been a full couple of weeks lately.  I am working along with a team of sweet sweet women (family and friends who are considered family ) on some ministry stuff.  Now, I will admit - I am prone to worry at times - especially when it involves money!!  While we were talking, I shared this with the planning group who were all quick to tell me that this idea is HIS - the ministry is HIS and HE will do what He does best - and that is being involved in our lives, in the ministry, and providing for us.  

On the weekend when I was doing my QT with Him - while reading in 2 Corinthians where Paul is talking to the church there about giving and about ministry.  At one point he tell them that "as a result of your ministry they will give glory to God and they will pray for you with deep affection because of the overflowing grace God has given to you."  I was so deeply impacted that these verses on giving/on ministry, on God's grace, on our testimony was there that day because this girl (me)  needed to read that.  I finished my quiet time with prayer written in my journal giving God my angst regarding this ministry idea we are planning.  (a fundraising banquet)

It is all about Him.  This ministry we always try to hold loosely with upturned hands.
Alvin and I have seriously I don't think EVER in this way been on the same page in such a profound way.  He was the one that at one time before opening the ministry - felt that success was going to be measured by $$
On the way to HMI camp the one night he told me that God had impressed on him that we should not advertise on radio etc as he feels God is bringing those who need to come through word and mouth/social media Facebook and that instead we need to develop and pray about our donor base.  It is just a little overwhelming when I think of all God is showing me these days.  HE TOTALLY OVERWHELMS THIS COUNTRY MOUSE!!  And yet, every time HE does, I am always so surprised!!  I am so glad that He is so involved in my life!  Where would we be - where would our family be - where would our ministry be - without GOD!!

ANYHOW so here is the part that almost made me fall off my chair.  
Every Tuesday night is a concert of prayer at our church, Eastview Community Church.  It has been going for almost a year straight - right through summer.  I was not able to go since early June - for one reason or another - and my soul was missing it so much. (SO INCREDIBLY MUCH)  Last night I was able to go and in the morning - Alvin strongly encouraged me to go.  Now he sometimes comes too - but I know that prayer is definitely an area of gifting God has given to me.  SO I looked forward to going all day - and my heart was so joyful at the thought of meeting with the others to pray and listen on behalf of others.

Well, yesterday we also booked the even idea - Thursday, November 5th and knowing that means I have to give a deposit - so I will be honest - the anxiety was up a notch or too.  Nothing like a little angst to make you get on your knees again.

So last night I got there - and sat down.  As I was sitting there - in stillness, listening, praying - I was silently conversing with the LORD and my thoughts were such:

"okay LORD I felt like I needed to share about the ministry - about board members - about the banquet - about the finical concern - about sponsors, about donors . And I need to have a clear sign from you LORD because I don't want to sound like my request for prayer is soliciting for money ... so I will wait for a sign.  But then again God - you are so big - so powerful - that I know you could just get someone to pray for the ministry and these concerns if you want to.  So I will wait and see what I feel you are saying to me about it all."  I almost felt a little cheeky saying that - almost a little like I was trying to tease God into a response!  I knew God can do the impossible but still.

Well ... about half an hour later - Tania  begins to pray and she began with how she has felt an overwhelming sense to pray for me and for the ministry.  Well she prayed for every single component of my thoughts PLUS more ..

Then her brother Mark E prayed for prophetic gifting for me (I will have to tell you that story sometime, but it was also so on the dot) and then Mark's wife Allison prayed for strength and health and no pain with my FMS ...

I am not sure if I was sitting there with my mouth open or not - I felt like I was!!  God - He was really showing off to me - and I was totally dumbstruck!  I was totally blown away by God.  I can't help but think He had this huge smile too - like  He was saying - "well, you wanted me to show you didn't you!!"

I just actually got off the phone with Tania as she had to leave last night before it was totally over - I had shared with the rest about what God had done and wanted to tell her too.  She said she had very briefly talked with her friend Nikki who is on the board and had  told her we were having a banquet - but that was all. She told me that she just knew that God was saying she had to pray aloud for me and the ministry.  SO she did.

Oh man - over and over again God shows His power and might to me.  Over and over and over again.
I know HE is a God who wants to be involved in my life - right down to the details.

The other day, as I had told you ~ during my QT as I had prayed - I ended the journal entry by saying "LORD please blow my socks off once again."  Well seems like he stepped it up a notch!! Glad I was hanging onto my chair!