Tuesday, August 17

Sunset Skies and other things...

I have a feeling we are going to be seeing many MANY beautiful sunsets from our new land!

amazing colors...

more amazing shots...

looking up at the "coopala"
not sure how we are going to be opening those windows!

the steps are in place.... no more ladders

from the inside looking up at the end wall where the big overhead door will go!

a nighttime shot of the barn/shop, complete with coopala in the middle top.

Tonight I went over to our land with Alvin (after supper) for a couple minutes. It is really nice - living in the loft at our kids - it is only a 5 minute drive to our land on Henderson Hwy.

As we drove, the sunset sky was amazing! I took a few pictures with my little camera... they hardly capture the beauty! The heavens declare the glory of God!!
I also took a couple pictures of our barn. It is coming together. The "coopala" (or however you spell it) is now done. Alvin and Josh worked on it last week - and then Alvin and Michael have been working on some other things in the shop. Today, I went to order the metal for the outside... Dark Red with White Trim. Much like the kids barn (which we are living in the upper loft of). The steps are done on the bottom, so now you don't need a ladder to get to the second floor of the barn/shop.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures - and since it is so late - I am off to bed! Night.

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gord and janice said...

A sunset is a special thing, but I agree that a camera never really captures it. Your plans for the house/retreat are terrific. I am so encouraged to see you pursue this dream, not sure I told you while we were out.