Sunday, July 4


It is Sunday night, and part of me just wants to go to bed. The other part knows that sleep often is hard to find for me! So, I will write the post, perhaps watch some TV and then begin my attempt at sleep. On top of my normal nightly insomnia, tonight I also have some sunburned skin to add some discomfort and heat! We have been spending the past two days working outside on the foundation of our shop/barn.

The weekend has been full. Time is of the essence. I really hope that we won't be working on too many weekends, but the thing is, right now - we are truly running out of time. As I was driving to the land today I was praying about our build, about all that is involved in that - with us, our kids, our plans, our emotions, our energy...

I realize that God knows all about the timing. I believe that even though it feels like it is NOT good timing, or that we are running out of time - that God is still in control of it all. That is one thing that really brings great peace at these times when I begin to feel overwhelmed.

Usually when I get overwhelmed, Alvin is able to bring some balance to my feelings. The thing is - right now I am thinking he may be feeling overwhelmed as well so that is a different combo. Yesterday we went and checked out Josh and Leah's loft, as that will become a temporary home for us. The kids moved out of there slightly over 2 years and a bit ago, and so there was a lot of dust and dirt that needed to be cleaned. Ash and I spent a few hours up there rearranging, etc. Then her and I headed to Half Moon for lunch and a break in the air conditioned restaurant. Alvin and Michael met us too and then we all headed back to the land to work. Yesterday it was absolutely overwhelming... the heat... the humidity. It was absolutely stifling! Ash and I took a few breaks to head into the car, turn on the AC and cool off. We figured that men were wired to be able to work outside easier! However, I think her and I held our own! At about 3:30 we headed to Josh and Leah's as I was going to babysit our little Ev and Alvin needed to shower and head to work! Once again, the welcomed AC in their home was soothing to our bodies!

Today we worked outside again - heading over to the land at 1 pm and worked until 4:30. At this point we have logged quite a few "sweat equity" hours. I was thinking a lot of that yesterday as the sweat literally was rolling down our faces and dripping off of us! I had to think of when we were working at building the house in the Dominican Republic in 2006. It made me wonder if I really could do another mission trip next winter as this has been on our hearts, and in our thoughts and we have done some beginning contact emailing with Careforce whom we worked under twice before in the D.R.

The weather today was a little more conducive to working outside. There was a nice breeze, and the humidity didn't seem to be as high. (hmm that makes sense that my bones were aching so much yesterday morning!) We came a little more prepared today - with water, and a nice big jug of lemonade with ice!! The work was still just as backbreaking. Bending over and tying rebar is hard on the back. Today we were laying out the rest of the tubing that will conduct the water heat in our shop floor. (this is the second time we have done prepared a shop for in-floor heat but the last time I was MUCH younger, and not carrying as much weight!) The one thing however, is that I didn't realize how badly burned I was getting on back/shoulder area. And now, I am feeling the burn!

We finished the job. Took some pictures. Drank a little more lemonade to celebrate. Alvin will call Ryan at the RM (building inspector) to come and check out the steel. He will hopefully line up our concrete guy... and we will pour. And me - well in the meantime I will make plans to get going on the packing! I can not procrastinate any longer! 4 weeks today, this is no longer our home!

As I lay my head down on the pillow - there will be many thoughts. They could overwhelm me to the point of being "paralyzed" so to speak, but I will not let that happen. I know that I need to keep grounded in the Lord - and need to begin the day, each day with QT with God!
(Years ago, Alvin and I didn't think we would actually build ourselves another house. Or should I say that HE would build our house. How DID we talk ourselves into this one?? ) We have to depend on the Lord for our strength - no doubt about this. Absolutly NO DOUBT!

The Lord is my strength!
This will become the statement that I will cling to for me - for Alvin - for my family as we work through this build.
The Lord is MY strength.
The Lord is OUR strength.

Psalm 28:7 (The Message)
6-7 Blessed be God—
he heard me praying.
He proved he's on my side;
I've thrown my lot in with him.

Now I'm jumping for joy,
and shouting and singing my thanks to him.

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