Friday, July 9

insert happy faces here :)

Today I got out of the house after packing ALL week! Not complaining, just stating a fact. Left the house shortly before 6:30 am, and after Alvin got out at the fire hall my day proceeded unannounced as follows:

~ dropped left-over "lunch" at Ashley and Michael's (I packed her some left overs last night and she forgot to take them, SO I delivered them so she could have a home-cooked lunch!) I got a couple hugs from them, so insert two happy faces here!! :) :)
~ went to Curves (for weigh-in and work-out!) (insert very happy face here!!) :)
~ went to Dr. Kevin (chiropractor) for my "adjustment" (if all my adjustments were so easy!) Always feel better after this visit! :)
~ went to Pineridge Hollow to meet friends (Christine and Lynda, only Lynda could not come) :) and :(
~ drove back into the city the "scenic" route - checking out "windows" in new houses (since I am in charge of the window ordering for our place!) I realized how nice it felt to just have no packing to do today! :)
~ went to Ten Thousand Villages and bought my supply of fair-trade coffee (Tanzanian and Ethiopian blends, which are my FAVORITE!) Yes, I could buy 2-3 other coffees for the same price as one, but it is worth it! Gotta thank my nephew Gord for hooking me on this coffee! Thinking of how good this coffee tastes. Insert happy face! :)
~ went to Mountain Bean for a while (okay, I love this coffee too!!) to check out emails, etc before a coffee visit at 2 pm. This is always good! :)
~ coffee'd with a new/old friend (long story, but Cynthia - it was a WONDERFUL visit, it has been a long time, and I look forward to more chats in the future!) :)
~ went to the fire hall to get my man :)
~ to Costco (came right at supper time, so there were "samples" available!) :) little smile inserted here
~ to check the house on Union (for insurance purposes) (the one the boys sold!! Praise the Lord!) :)
~ to PLAZA for some great food and....
~ home! :) :) :) :) :) ...

For my first day out - seems like it was a FULL one. Full of good conversation, good friends, good work-out and good coffee!!

Hmmm wonder what tomorrow will bring. (insert smile!) :)

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