Saturday, July 17

July 16th building day

No rain in the forecast.
There were second story walls to be built!

As I was pulling out of the yard, I got out to take a picture and Alvin was up on the second story floor.
I teased him and said he looked like the "golden boy!"

When I came back in the late afternoon, the "man power" had increased by three men - Brennan and Michael and Andrew .

As each wall goes up - it becomes more and more real for us. I am not doing the hard part, and yet my heart often skips a few beats when I realize what is finally happening. The vision God entrusted to us 10 years ago - is coming to fruition. Yes, we are still a long way away from opening the doors and inviting women to choose us for a "bed and breakfast retreat" or just a "day retreat" BUT with each nail, with each drop of sweat, (and yes, with each bill paid) we are just trying to be true to what we believe God has called us to do. It is not "ours" but HIS vision, and this is so exciting.

Please know that I share this "build" excitement with you - NOT to toot our horns (really, we mean that) BUT to instead bring you into the unfolding of this vision, as you have been our family, our friends, our prayer support! We love you. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf, especially as the guys build. And continue to drop in, take a look (hey, you could even bring a cold drink or two or three... or more!) and talk with the boys!

Thank you for loving us and sharing in this exciting times!

We love and appreciate you all!

... now I guess I better get packing!

We are down to 2 weeks at 35066 Springfield Road!


Anonymous said...

Excited for you and the rest of the family! Thanks for the reminder that God follows through, i'll keep praying, let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
love Phoebe

ashley marie photography said...

man.. it is looking SO GOOD! thanks for updating the blog.. helps me feel more in the loop while i'm gone!

love you.