Sunday, July 18

tears on my pillow

Last night, after Alvin and I turned out the lights, as I was falling asleep, God turned my thoughts to my grandson Jay. I could hear the deep breathing of my husband beside me, I knew he was already fast asleep. My thoughts tumbled one after another... my heart overflowed...and my tears welled up and rolled onto my pillow. We are almost at the two year anniversary of our little Jay Benjamin's birthday. And how hard it is. We still feel great depths of grief in our beings. Our journey through grief will continue for our lifetime. As I laid there, I remembered and wept.

Today I wake up, and remember last night's tears. I am also aware it is the 18th today, and that our second grandson, our little Everett John is 7 months of age day. Today his mommy will put a little sign on him and take a picture to chronicle his month to month growth spurts. And I may even look at one of the MANY video clips I have of him. What joy this brings. We feel great wells of joy in our beings!

Tears on my pillow of grief.
Tears on my cheeks of joy.
Great grief and Great joy co-exist....
I thank God for my little ones, and feel very blessed as a Granny.

As our families (Klassen/Hayes) walk this week towards the anniversary of Jay's birth and going home to be with Jesus, on July 24th (08) ... please keep our kids, and our two extended families in your prayers. It is through your love, your prayers and your friendships, that we are lifted. Thank you.

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Mavis and Co. said...

You will definitely be in my prayers. My thoughts are also with you. God make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you all.