Friday, July 23

so dog gone close to tears already first thing in the morning

up early
bath (complete with jets)
arthritis pain med (2 pills, O Lord take the pain and stiffness away)
make boys lunch (as they build)
load car with stuff for loft
drive to Josh, Leah and Ev's place
carry stuff up
Alvin goes to land with josh
i chat with Leah
drive into city
pull over to talk to my dear friend on the phone
drive through at McDonald's for breakfast
now at Mountain Bean - for coffee and recoup (what is on the list for today)

need to get insurance on my dad's house (long story, but his widow passed away)
need to arrange for grass cutting at my dad's place
soon will have to clean up there and list the house (after 13 years with dad being gone)
need to finish insurance details on our build/contents etc
need to decide on and buy shingles (Lord willing they will shingle the shop tomorrow)

there is more packing (need to run home shortly)
I have stuff at Anola
stuff at the loft
stuff in our semi trailer (we bought purely for storage and have moved on site)

this afternoon i will come back into the city
and meet with Kara
(oh sweet Kara, she knows her insurance stuff, Al and Jan have taught her well!)
we will work on our insurance
we will work on my dad's insurance

tonight we are back at K and K's again for supper
she will not let me bring a thing beside Alvin and our bathing suits and towels
two years ago they provided the warm fellowship and love when we needed someone to cry on
let's face it - at this point when our lives are spread over a few locations,
a home made meal is a luxury
(Betty made supper for her and i on Wednesday and it was oh so good)
Thank you Lord for friends!

my phone will ring today
and i feel like i really can't talk
my tears are just below the surface
(and yes someone will be thinking "oh dear she is depressed")
the thing is - i am just trying to juggle body pain, lack of sleep and the emotions of grief intermingled with great joy, and the mental stuff of trying to figure out not just one household but several...)
so I figure tears are quite okay
i will cry them
and get on with life...
because we all know "life" stands still for no one

if you got to the bottom of this post - can i ask you one thing
please pray for us
  • safety for the guys as they build
  • for us to be able to work through all the emotions that we have (which besides the obvious, also includes leaving our "home" of 27 years, and our young neighbors (Cathy Travis and their kids) who are so dear to our hearts, I can hardly think of leaving them!)

Thanks for that... and as I said before - the tears are okay... I will just keep rolling up my pants so I don't get them wet! :)

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