Tuesday, July 20


Today Josh and Alvin worked on a little casket for a sweet little boy that is already at home with Jesus. It is something they wanted to do for the family.

Almost two years ago, Alvin worked on a little casket for our sweet little grandson who Jesus took home before he breathed this side of the womb.
Somehow, making little caskets is not something we want to ever be experts on..
but instead they are a labor of love...a labor of tears.. .
a representation that something has gone terribly wrong in our lives.
We continue to weep
for the young family who just lost their sweet little guy last weekend.

I have been listening to Steven Curtis Chapman CD beauty will rise
which was written after his little daughter Maria, also went "home" to be with Jesus
in spring of 2008.
One song in particular speaks to my heart.
Losing a child... I wish no one had to experience that pain - ever.

Reality is, it has struck right at home for us...
and now for this family whom our kids are good friends with.
O Lord, be their/our strength.

Here are the words that spoke to me today - from the album beauty will rise

by Steven Curtis Chapman

Who are You God
For You are turning out to be
So much different than I imagined

And where are you God
Cuz I am finding life to be
So much harder than I had planned

Know that I am afraid
To ask these questions
But You know they are there

And if you know my heart
The way that I believe you do
You know that I believe in You
Still I have these questions

Like How could you God
How could You be so good and strong
And make a world that can be so painful

And where were you God
I know you had to be right there
I know you never turn your head

You know that I’m confused
By all this mystery
You know I get afraid
But if you know my heart
As completely as I trust you do
Oh you know that I trust in you

Is it true
that fore every tear I cry
You cry a thousand more
Cuz you weep for those that weep

And are you, just holding yourself back
From crushing all the pain and evil in this world
For reasons we just cant understand for now
But isn’t there a day of redemption coming
Redemption is coming

Quickly Lord, come quickly
Lord, come quickly

So who am I God
That you would raise me from the dust
To breathe your life and your love in me
You know that I believe


Kara said...

What a beautiful song Joy. Thanks for sharing it.

darlene said...

A powerful piece Joy. Thanks for sharing. Our hearts are hurting for those whose pain is deeper than I can comprehend. Bless Alvin and Josh for their tangible gift of love, an emotional sacrifice that they chose to make to be there for those who hurt in a way that they know only too well.