Tuesday, July 13

The day the walls went up!

The boys from left to right: Josh, Ryan, Alvin and Michael.
When I arrived at the land - it was just in time to see them "raising" the first wall!
And what a wall it was to raise...
The wall came up bit by bit! We had 4 strong men here, as you can tell.

Wall is up....
they needed a chance to catch their breath

Hmm... a few inches to be moved to the right!
Josh was at the end pushing and keeping an eye on the measurement!
This wall did not move easily, believe me.
I kept saying "do you want me to help?"
(like I could have really done anything!)
So, I took the pictures!
Before lunch, they put up part of the front wall as well...
and then they stopped for a well-deserved break!

I left shortly after lunch was done.
But I was told that by the end of the day - all the walls were up and standing in place!
Praise the Lord!

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