Thursday, July 22

emotions (sigh)

5:30 I arrive at the land thinking I was picking up Alvin,
and found him working with his (our) brother Rick.
So what was I to do? Hmmm... looks like there is alot of water to be "squeegee'd!" and let me tell you - 5 hours later - it was almost gone - from this floor AND the second story.
I got a blister, and soaked feet but it was good to work out some of my emotions.
(ya I have many of them!)
So, here they go - the first of a long series of pictures...
Alvin is describing how he thinks the 2 of them can get this on top...
you can't see him, but Rick is beside him, as they figure out the game plan
Would you believe it - this is luke warm coffee from 7 am... today.
You know you are desparate for coffee when...
at this point I was soaked (from the rain) and cold, and my feet looked like prunes from all the water I was wading in as I squeegeed.
So now Michael came to the rescue. This is where the plan got really interesting...
and well, scary to watch.
Alvin putting up some braces so that when they lift the wall up on the beam -
it won't fall forward.
And the fun begins...
almost in place - just had to hit it with a 2 by 4 (or whatever) to get the one part in -
the rain had made the wood swell a little...
boys do a bit more work
then they decide to put up a few sheets.... I think it was 3 or 4...
Check out Alvin's expression -
even he was concerned about putting the boys up high...
steady, steady...

I don't normally allow myself to cry when I talk with my kids... this week I have been choking back alot of tears for a number of reasons... especially while driving by myself. However today, when I talked with Ashley (who is in BC) and she asked me how I was doing, and the floodgates opened briefly!

Originally I was just going to write a one word blog. The one word is OVERWHELMED.

I am not trying to get pity.
I am not trying to guilt anyone.
I do not want to hear "poor you, you have so much to do with the move."
In fact - I don't know what I want other than to just make the statement.
I am feeling overwhelmed.
(sure it will feel better in the morning!)

But then, after dropping off cleaning supplies, and a rug, and a couple other things as the loft, I proceeded on to pick up Alvin. He was going to do some work, but then called it off and just said we would go home. After all it had rained all afternoon. But when I got there, my brother in law Rick was there... so, they were just going to do a couple things... then they got on to other things... it was starting to look like they absolutely needed another set of hands. So, we called Michael...who came to the land.
Like I said - originally I was just going to post the word OVERWHELMED without comment... but then I got to taking some pictures and well - it is wonderful. While I was there - from 5:30 pm until 10:00 pm (had to stop when it got dark) I actually "sqeegee'd" the water off of the second floor loft, and from the main floor. I have soaking wet sandals (with my orthotics), actually for a while I was barefoot but it got a little slippery. My feet looked like prunes... I got a blister from the handle...and just consumed some tylenol arthritis 8 hour release pills...
However, working there was good for me - except I would have loved a cup of coffee! I could only dream of a good fresh cup as I drank my 7 am - luke warm coffee - 14 hours later!
So - I am overwhelmed and tired... but feeling a little better because of the manual work, it was good for me. Up at 6:30 - I need to hit the sack. (that is IF I can actually lower myself down onto the mattresses on our floor, with my sore back). Emotionally, well.... you figure it out. Today I was at little Lucas' funeral... and Saturday is our little grandson Jay's second birthday celebrating in Heaven. Today I imagined him playing and running with Lucas...

So here I am tired, sore, blistered, overwhelmed. (time for bed now that the photos are loaded)

Tomorrow is a new day - thank you Lord. Please give us rest tonight.

Hope you enjoy the pictures above - believe me -
some of the moves these guys figured out - were a little scary to watch.
Good thing I was hiding behind my camera!

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ashley marie photography said...

i was picturing lucas and jay together all day today.