Thursday, July 15


Last night, after a great meal at the Plett's (Betty and Willy) we ventured to the land to take a look at what the boys did during the day. Yesterday was a big day for Josh, Michael and Alvin. Actually Alvin said later, that he was very concerned about the day - as there was a HUGE (HEAVY) STEEL BEAM that was going to have to be lifted and put into place.
When we got to the land, brother Rick (Alvin's youngest brother) was there dumping some fill for us. Now Rick has been very instrumental in the plans (once Jerald did the design) and we are very very thankful for his talent and skill. We owe him big time believe me.
I teased Rick about "styling" ... note rubber boots with shorts. He laughed and said his wife had already mentioned that. HOWEVER, when I brought clothes for Alvin to change into at end of the work day - I realized I forgot to bring his shoes, SO Alvin is "styling" too...Hmmm maybe it is just "Klassen style!"
So here is the beam. Alvin said it was all he, Josh and Michael could do to turn it over when it was on the ground. That heavy! They used the bobcat (Alvin at the controls) to lift it, with Josh and Mike helping to get it into the exact place...
It sounded like major work! But, it is done!!

Betty wanted to know square footage, and here she was "measuring it out" with leg widths.
So, yesterday was a big day. Today the boys are at the land again, and I am at home all day, packing. I think I may have some company, as Leah and Everett are planning to come!
It is almost 9 am and I have gotten up, had breakie with my man, gave his a hair cut, made their lunch for today, helped him move stuff to the vehicle to take to the loft, made and baked cookies, did dishes and prayed as I washed the dishes... Now I will pour a cup of fresh coffee (second pot of the day) and make a couple calls, and get packing!!
This is the day that the Lord has made - the sky is blue.
Slight wind.
Sun-shiny day!!
I will rejoice and be glad in it! (even if I have to pack!!!)


Leah said...

Yesterday I dropped off some coffees while the beam was going up. It looked very stressful. I high-tailed it out of there because I was too nervous to watch them do it! Anyway, we're going to head over as soon as Everett wakes up from his nap! See you soon!!

ashleymarie said...

I wish I could be there! It's going to look so different when I get back! Give everyone a huh and kiss from me! Love you!