Friday, April 23

busy is not always a good thing

this week has been full
all things were good ~ but it felt "busy" and to me "busy" isn't always a good thing
it was full of people, mostly women.
it was full of God moments
it included speaking engagements
it was full of hugs

I got to see and hug my kids
I got to love up my little grandson!!
I have texted more texts than I can count
I have logged minutes on my cell

I drank alot of coffee
some tea
some smoothies

I was in my car alot more than most weeks - actually our odometer stopped at 299,999 last weekend. I think our car is tired too!

I have prayed alot - but my quiet time with the Lord has not been a priority
Neither has exercise it seems
Or for that matter - eating properly

Seems when life gets too full... even if it is "all good" ~ some things get missed
the important things - like spending time with the Lord
and also making sure to take care of myself
I have to get that back in order.

tomorrow is the last FULL day of my week
got to be in the city for 7:30 am.. for a full day
but for now - I just gotta get to bed!

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