Tuesday, April 6

"Come to the line..."

Last night was the second last Monday in the Beth Moore Bible study series: A Woman's Heart - God's dwelling place. One week of homework left. It is always intense study, but honestly, I love it. L-O-V-E LOVE it! I am always sad when it is over. (perhaps it will be the time to go back to the ESTHER study that I was doing by myself, another Beth Moore study). I wish Beth Moore was closer to Manitoba, so that I could just sit and learn from her over a few cups of coffee!! (I have watched Beth on my computer, with earphones, while drinking coffee at Mountain Bean!!)

Anyhow, back to last night. It was so good... the session was (in Beth Moore's words) "today we get to celebrate the finished work of the Old Testament tabernacle and see how God demonstrated His approval. We will then track the glory of God amid earthly dwelling places and behold glimpses of God's perfect order."

It was early into the study when Beth said "I want to be a person through whom God can glorify himself! Is there something in your life right now where God is saying "come to the line!" "
Hmm... this means obedience!! What is God asking me to come to the line on? As Beth then also said, "He knows what He's doing! Joy will follow obedience!"

What is He asking me to come to the line on? What is that something in my life? What demands obedience? My heart knew. Same old, same old.

O Lord, help me to come and step up to the line so to speak! You require obedience! You give joy! I am asking you Lord to give me courage... and to also help me to let you do the work in me! I think so often I am squashing the Holy Spirit within me! You are at work in me. Your word is living and active! It is sharp!

I know what God is calling me to "come to the line" on... so what am I going to do about it?

He never said our road would be easy. He did say he would never forsake us! Sometimes I am so fickle in my faith! Thank you Lord for this reminder of what you require from me! I want to become more and more like you... to reflect your glory and to smell like Jesus!! Lord, I give it all to you..... again, and again, and again, and again.... and again.

Yes Lord, I am aware that there is something in my life right now where you O Lord are saying, "Joy, come to the line!" So, here I am Lord, with my toes at the line... may I walk in obedience.

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