Friday, April 9


We are home. I am catching up on the computer. Alvin is catching up in the lazy boy chair! My man - goes 100 mph and then when I get him to relax, his eyelids get pretty heavy! My man is a worker. I thank God for him!

Today has been a wonderful day. (except for getting stopped by a highways guy who proceeded to go over every inch of the Blue Jay truck and trailer!) The boys needed to do some work out at Victoria Beach. So the girls and Everett and I decided to hang out at Josh and Leah's new (to them) cottage.

It was a fun day of just hanging out. Ashley who is still recovering, was able to join us too. Since my house got cleaned yesterday - I went with the knowledge that it was a day to just chill out! So, we had a fire in the wood stove, and we ooh'ed and ahh'd over Everett (that never gets old!) and talked, and drank coffee, and walked with him in the stroller, and walked some more! Then the boys came at the end of the day, and we ate supper together, and came home.

It is the beginning of April, and it seems like it is later in the season. Last year in May, when we opened the cottage ~ our pipes froze up during the night! The weather warmed up today, but there is still ice on the lake! We haven't un-winterized our cottage yet, but it was cozy in the kids cottage, which is just around the corner from ours (and for rent if anyone is interested!)

I think we are going to enjoy time at the lake this year! (word on the street is that we are going to get an amazing summer this year!) As long as I can convince my husband to take weekends off once we start the build! Today it dawned on me that the weekend rest will be very important during this intense time of our lives.

Today Ashley took some pictures of me with our little guy... and he was such an incredibly happy and very social little guy today. He made us laugh with all his smiles, and with his expressions. I feel incredibly blessed to be a mom and a granny! (and a wife to my man).

Today, as the girls and I walked with Everett - we talked about the retreat ministry, and decided on what we would name the rooms, and how we could decorate them, and about other things. I am so thankful for their input into this ministry!

Today feels good. It is almost done... just a bit over an hour left. Shortly I will wake my sweetheart up, and we will mosey on upstairs, brush our teeth and hop into bed. The night will bring refreshment. The morning will dawn, and a new day will begin... today will become yesterday, and tomorrow will become a new today! (bet that made you think!)

I thank you Lord for today... for the strength and ability that "my boys" have (Alvin, Josh and Mike) and for their ability to work together. I thank you Lord - for today and the chance to hang out with my girls (Ashley and Leah). Today I thank you Lord for the gift of time spent with our little grandson Everett! Thank you Lord for the joy we experienced today! Today, thank you Lord for the gift of creation around us - for the gift of cottages to retreat to. Thank you for the gift of TODAY... from the moment I lifted my head up off the pillow - right to when I lay it back down. Today has been a wonderful day. Thank you Lord!

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