Saturday, April 24

my Saturday

Today I was at the Beth Moore Simulcast - "Good-Bye Insecurity". I have been part of a prayer team that has been praying about/for the simulcast for the past 6 weeks or so. It has been a privilege actually. I have had a chance to meet some new friends as we prayed, as well as praying with some friends that I have known for a while.

We set up the prayer room last night. It felt warm in there. Amazing what soft music and candles will do to set the tone for the room.

This morning was an early start. I set my alarm for 5:45. I finally got out of bed on the last alarm that went off at 6:10. AM!! The night was far too short. Women began to arrive. About 420 women or so. All anticipating what Beth was going to say!

We gave the announcements and then - the simulcast began. I was just coming from the prayer room to the gym when L. grabbed me and said we needed to pray! There was no sound!

We prayed together and were heading back to the gym. Then the rest of the team came out and said they were heading to the prayer room to pray too. At this point we were about ten minutes into the simulcast. Travis Cottrell was doing the music and we were missing it!! It became obvious that it was a satellite issue - and while we were gathered in the prayer room petitioning God - they were praying in the gym too. Honestly - we finished praying... about another 10 minutes. Laurie and I were just the last out of the prayer room - when we heard the simulcast!! WE COULD HEAR THE MUSIC!

This was the beginning of the day - and it just got better from there. Spending the day together with other women - which also includes your daughters, and your good friends and new ones - well, it is always sweet when women gather!

I will write more about the simulcast tomorrow - I need to begin to rethink all I heard, and the notes I took. I noticed that there are already posts on Facebook about the day.
There were 300,000 women gathered across the country all hearing Beth at the same time!
Now - take each of those women, and our circle of influence and imagine what we can do for the Lord. As we had prayed, and as Beth mentioned - God was going to do something in us.

300,000 women - now that is alot to contend with! Imagine living all out for Jesus - what we could do - WOW. More tomorrow!

I have wept alot this week - it seems each time I pray - I weep. I think tears are my prayer language!

Today finished off just now with a cup of tea. Alvin had a full two nights of work - and he usually comes home very tired from hectic night shifts. We were honored to go to the anniversary of a dear couple in our congregation. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. What a story!! LOVE! She married a widower 50 years ago! A widower with 8 children - ranging froom 7 to 24 and married. Annie and Dan are such role models to us, of a godly marriage! We are so blessed to know them! They have often prayed for us too!

I am tired. My thoughts are many. I have just chatted a bit with my kids. (phone and texting) My little grandson had a good day with his daddy! (Leah came to the simulcast). Ev went to the doctor this week for his 4 month old check up. He has grown to 18 lbs and 25 inches! (almost doubled his weight and has grown one inch for each month!) How he brings joy to my heart each time I hear him and see his big blue eyes and little smile! Our little Jay would have been 21 months today, the 24th of April. He brings joy to my heart too each time I think of him, or see his pictures. I miss him so much.

Gotta get to bed. The week's "fullness" alongside of the last two nights of pathetic sleep for me, and the early am... and everything in my head ~ I just need to get some sleep and wake up to a new day tomorrow!

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