Wednesday, April 28

not just any ordinary telephone call

Thank you my friend
for calling even when life is crazy, and saying that you miss talking to me.
Life has a way of short-ending us sometimes
and even when days pass in between ~ it is always so good to connect again.

You have been my friend for a very very long time ~ years and years.
You are actually a friend who is as close as a sister
Have I ever told you that?
It is always assuring to hear your voice mail in those times when I don't get to answer my phone –
“Joy, I'm just calling to see how you’re doing – we haven’t talked in a couple days.”
I am thinking you likely leave more messages than I do.

Talking on the phone is not a favorite pastime of mine,
And yet when we talk it feels like we are sitting across from each other.
The only thing missing is the ability to look into your eyes and see how exactly you are doing too ~
I hope that I am in turn as perceptive to you, as you are to me, dear friend.

Today we talked
We talked for a while.
It has been a couple days.
I am glad that within our relationship as friends ~
there is the ability to talk the truth.....
and, to share our hearts ~ the good, the bad, the ugly
And to do so without fear of judgment
knowing that the truth is safe with one another.
I am thankful for that.

There is a gentleness about you ~
And a caring that is uniquely yours.
Sometimes in life ~ when it feels like I am alone with my stuff.....
I always know you are a place to go to ~ to be able to get some perspective again.

You have been my friend for years.
However in the past 21 months since we lost our little grandson ~
you have stepped closer into my space...
you have allowed me to talk
... and talk some more.
You are okay when I weep ~
you are also okay when there is silence.

Today when I told you that the pain over losing Jay just seems so endless..
you listened
...and asked me about it.
You have never given me the impression that you had no time to talk and listen.
You are an open home for me to stop at once in a while
You are a friend who can meet for lunch on short notice.
You drink coffee extra bold even if you should be drinking de-caf (and don't tell me till you are finished!)
You laugh.
And make me laugh too!

Our husbands are friends too
So that makes it twice as good!
Hanging out together is always fun!
Thank you for that too.

Our friendship has gone through all kinds of good time, and also hard times ~
and through it all...
It remains strong, loyal, giving, comfortable, and loving.

So friend, today as we talked ~
I was so blessed.
And, I hope you were too.

Thank you my friend
Not just for the phone call we shared today
for just plain loving me!
I want you to know, that I love you too!

Friends forever… you and I.
And I thank God for you!
(I think you know who you are!)


Dorothy W said...

Your post about your friend should be published in a book about friendship ! It is the kind of friendship that all of us only dream of. So it is good to acknowledge these times.

Joy K. said...

She is a very good friend/like a sister... has been for years. Sometimes friends are taken for granted... or at least sometimes I know I have taken my friends for granted. God has given me many, and I am so thankful.