Monday, January 21

A birthday note for my Son, Josh.

My Son - Joshua Gerald - celebrated his birthday today!  Last year I wrote about my kids, each on their special day - and would say the appropriate number of things about them.  This Year - I want to do an acrostic.  (Is that how you spell it?)

Here goes!

Jesus is Lord of my son's life - and I am so pleased.  I remember the night that he gave his life to Jesus.
Others are very important in Josh's life.  His wife Leah, and his boys hold first place after the Lord, but I know that there are many many others who are so important to him.  Josh really does put himself out there for people!
Sensitive to the needs and the feelings of others.  Right from the time Josh was young, he had a sense of where people were at, not only with him, but in their own space.  Often Josh will come and give me the hug right at the time I need it most - because he had a sense that I was in a tough spot.  Josh seems to be okay showing his sensitive side.
Humor is a main ingredient in Josh's life.  From the time he was little - he told jokes.  His sister used to want to copy him and would try to get us laughing the same way.  We would always know when he was up to saying something to make us laugh because his eyes would always water first!!  Josh has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh!!
Unbelievably good at learning new things and applying them.  This also involves learning new trades and putting that to work whether it is tiling, or building, or teaching.  God has given him some amazing skill and talent and it warms my heart to see him serving the Lord with it.
Able and willing.  Yes that is my son.  If you need something - he is able and willing to help.  Sometimes I know that he needs to guard his time so that he is not taking it away from family time - but often Josh is out helping someone - whether it be a reno, or a visit, or something else.  I am thankful for his willingness to help me out when needed.

Godly.  Josh honors God with his life.  I have learned alot about following Jesus, by watching my son.  I am so thankful for the godly man he has become!  Praise you Lord.
Energetic!  Not sure where he gets it from - but I wish I could bottle some of his energy for myself.
Josh has always had energy and has packed more into a day than it actually had time for!
Relationships are priority.  Josh Loves Leah.  He Loves his boys.  He is a wonderful husband, amazing dad and a great son!  I love that he values the relationships with Jesus, with his wife, his family and his extended family and with his friends!!
Aware.  He is aware of the responsibility that comes with being a Christ-follower.  It is his great joy to tell others about Jesus and to share the bible with them.
Loving.  Josh loves completely, fully and unconditionally.
Dreams big!!  He has always had more dreams and more ideas and more energy to give each idea a try!  He is very much like his Poppa - who could sell ice to the eskimos I am sure!  From the time he was a teenager - Josh was dreaming up ways to make some money - new ideas - from tshirts to hackey sacks to fleece underwear with mesh in them.  Dream it and he would then figure out how to do it.  And entrepreneur at heart!!

My son Joshua Gerald Klassen - how I love you!!  
You made me a mom 31 years ago and I have loved every moment of it.  
You are a gift to me and I thank God for you.
I am glad that you are MY son - and I am very very very proud of you.  
Happy Birthday Josh.  
love mom

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