Sunday, September 15

You Surround Me

For some reason, I was thinking tonight of a song that I loved the first time I heard it!
It is by one of my favorite musicians - Brian Doerksen and the son is called You Surround Me.

Lately, there has been a lot on my/our plate.  
It seems that since January 1 of this year - there has been a lot on everyone's plate.
A buffet of emotions for us to chew on ...
A plate overflowing most of the time.
There has been tons of good stuff
But there has been tons of hard stuff.
Really HARD stuff.

Lately we have been praying hard - for many things
And we have seen God answer in some amazing ways.
But we have also seen people and friends going through some really really tough times

So I am reminded again - YOU O Lord, YOU SURROUND ME!!
You will never let me go
I can't live my life without You

oh such beautiful words
such a timely beautiful reminder

I am glad that I am listening to this song just now - as I get ready to get to sleep
The words can resonate in my being while I fall asleep ... (I especially like the Gaelic)

The words go like this:

You surround meYou indwell meYou're beside meEver present always nearYou're the whisperCalling my name gentlyLove eternalReaching to me jealous for me
(Chorus)I will stay with You foreverArm in arm we'll walk togetherYou will never let me goI can't live my life without YouMy whole will to live is for YouYou've awakened me to know
I can't live my life without YouI can't live my life without YouI can't live my life without You

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