Wednesday, December 17

New thoughts on "praying for clarity" ...

The other day, I heard something, or read something.  Honestly, I can't remember.  I "think" it was Chuck Swindoll on the radio CHVN talking, but I am not positive!!  But he was talking about when we pray for clarity.  And yet when we are wanting "clarity" we are saying "God, I need to see very clearly regarding this ______ " and instead we should just step out, and trust even if we don't see clearly!  I know I did not do him justice, but this is what I got from it.

I was thinking of that, as hearing him speak brought back highlights from our journey to the ministry we are now doing.  Oh how I prayed for more from God - for Him to show me - to speak to me - to make things clear.  And at times it seemed He did just that.  Other times we walked in blind faith!
I actually like that expression as it means you are literally walking in faith, not seeing anything but God leading you, trusting Him for the next step in the adventure.

When we began this, we had no clue - absolutely NONE - just what He was going to do.  A journey of 13 years from hearing Him speak "make a place where women can go to just be" to the point where we had our Ministry grand opening and dedication!  13 years!!  Blind trust.  Sure, along the way I have asked for clarity.  I think that is just human nature, as it is easier to step out when you know where you are stepping right?  It is easier to write cheques to pay for the house you are building, when you know how long it will take, or how much it will cost right?

We have found that following Jesus is NOT for the weak kneed or faint of heart.  Following Jesus is not always easy!  In fact, sometimes it is down right HARD!!  Following Jesus is not always comfortable.  Believe me, He has pushed this girl out of her comfort zone!!  Following Jesus is never predictable!!  I think that is what I came to love as it always keeps us on the edge of our seats!!  Following Jesus is not always safe!  It is risky, and fully of adventure!!  Thing is - following Jesus is literally the adventure of our lifetime, but we have to step out - to risk - to trust - and to keep following him, even if we can't see our step ahead of us!

And oh, it is so worth it!!

So should we ask for clarity?  Believe me, I have used that phrase often when praying for others.  People I know have asked me to pray for clarity for them.  Maybe I need to stop praying for clarity and to instead pray that God would continue to take them (and us) on the adventure of our lifetimes - and showing us how to completely TRUST the only ONE who is trustworthy no matter what!!
Maybe instead of clarity, I need to pray for obedience, for a willing heart, for boldness, and for a good seat belt to fasten as we are taken on the ride of our lives!  Jesus is all about that!

Just a few thoughts from someone who has been on the adventure of our lifetime and has literally been ruined for the ordinary!  Thank you Jesus for what you are doing - and make us bold, and willing to trust and risk it for YOU.

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