Monday, April 13

for today LORD ...

The Gospel According to Matthew - in which Bruce Marchiano is the one that portrays Jesus
is by far my most loved "Jesus" film.
He also wrote a book - everyone should read - In the Footsteps of Jesus.  Amazing book
I love that he portrays a Jesus who I think Jesus IS ... he laughs with us, cries with us, celebrates with us.
His hair blows in the wind!!  (unlike some other movies where Jesus is stern, stiff and not at all personable   Really??
This is the Jesus I look forward to seeing face to face one day!!

Today I have already met with my LORD and need to now be getting at some of the stuff of the day.  But before I begin, this is the prayer that I have written in my journal.

For today LORD ...

O LORD for today ~
May I see You around me ~
          please take my breath away :)
May I hear You ~
          please remove distractions and noise
May I love You more ~
          YOU are the great lover of my soul
May I grow to be more like YOU ~
          Saviour, God, Redeemer, Friend.

Oh how I love you!!  My LORD and My GOD!!

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