Saturday, June 30

completely oblivious

This morning, slightly after 8 am, I got on my bike and took a ride. Bike riding normally comes easily to most people.  I have to admit that I am just re-entering the bike riding world.  I got a sweet cruiser type of bike from my kids and husband for mother's day.  A nice baby blue one - with a basket on it.
They say bike riding is something that you never lose.  I got re-introduced to bike riding last summer, when our family all got on bikes at the cottage to go for a ride together.  Well - I promplty fell not even 5 minutes after I got on the thing!  NOT HAPPY.  But I dusted myself off, wimpered a bit at the bleeding scrapes I got, but was determined that I WOULD RIDE!!  The week later I went for another ride by myself, and after riding for about 20 minutes - I fell trying to muster energy to get up a hill.  I felt so stupid but was glad that I was alone, only to get up and once again and brush myself off.  That was when I looked behind me and noticed this older man looking at me - and asking if I was okay.  How do you say yes, for the most part - except for my pride!! lol

Anyhow, with helmut securely on, I venture out on Henderson Hwy - and actually like the feeling of the wind in my hair!

So it was this morning.  At 8 am there was hardly any traffic.  There were a few "hard core" bikers and I felt quite special that they would nod to me/smile/wave as they drove by.  I wondered what they thought seeing me on my baby blue with basket!!

I loved the quiet.  I pedalled and took in the breeze, and the singing birds.  I loved the smells of early morning, and the sight of all the daisies in the fields.  Just a little ahead of me - I noticed someone walking towards me with a dog. I was driving on the shoulder GOING the same way as the traffic and she was walking AGAINST traffic which meant that one of us had to give.  SO, being the "vehicle" I figured I would.   I pulled out far enough in advance.  I pedalled closer to her.  I went by and said hi.
Thing is she NEVER even looked up, we NEVER made eye contact, she was wearing ear plugs.  The thing I noticed even more so however was the dour look on her face.
(I just read that word this morning prior to my ride - and thought it suited her to a T!)

I drove by, and went back onto the shoulder and felt like I had just witnessed an object lesson at her expense.  I could not help but think that she missed something.  NOT THAT I AM SO IMPORTANT but my goodness, to not even look up when someone pulls around you to pass.  I get that she was walking with earphones (so she could not hear me), I get that she likely doesn't LIKE to walk but has to because she has a dog! But what I don't get is that someone does not even lift their eyes up to see!

And it was like God used this to speak to me - about the times when my own stuff blinds me to all that He wants to show me.  When my own stuff PLUGS my ears so that I don't hear Him speaking.  About the times when I just am so preoccupied with my own walk that I am missing out on everything that is moving past me!  It made me sad for her.  BUT it made me sad for those times when I am just so preoccupied with my own self that there is no room for anything else.

I don't want to be so deaf.  I don't want to be so blind.  I don't want to be so preoccupied.
I don't want to miss out on all that God has for me NOW - today - in this moment.  I really want to live life fully - to embrace it fully - and live in the moment - aware of HIS goodness, presence and grace and love around me.  I do not want to be COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS.

O Lord, please help me to walk with an awareness of YOU in every part of my day!  This is my prayer Lord.  Amen.

dour  (dr, dour)
adj. dour·erdour·est
1. Marked by sternness or harshness; forbidding: a dour, self-sacrificing life.
2. Silently ill-humored; gloomy: the proverbially dour New England Puritan.
3. Sternly obstinate; unyielding: a dour determination.

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