Friday, June 22


The other day I took a picture of our Everett - our sweet little grandson who is 2 1/2.  We actually took him out to the lake with us because we were watching him while his mom, dad and baby Roger went to a wedding.  When we got to the cottage - it was rainy.  Ev really wanted to go on the boat and Poppa was working hard to try to get things done so that we could go out if it got sunny.  Ev had an afternoon nap, and woke up expecting to finally be able to go on the boat since the sun was now shining.
Unfortunately, there were a couple unexpected things - flat tire on the tractor (which pulls the boat into the Lake) and the worst thing was a battery that was not holding a charge.  SAD.  

So after Everett waited (very patiently for a little guy) Poppa told him to come and sit in the boat at least, even if we weren't going to get out into the water!  Everett was really happy with that!  He didn't seem to mind that we weren't going anywhere!

When I looked at the pictures I took and have put here - they made me smile.  

Have you ever thought about the time you spend just WAITING.
Let's see, looking back at just today:
I waited for the alarm clock to go off after I hit it once (securing me 7 more minutes before I had to get up out of bed.)
I waited for water to boil for Alvin's porridge (although I could not wait for the whole thing, so I had to turn the almost boiling water off and let him do it himself when he got up)
I waited at the end of our driveway for it to be clear to turn onto Henderson Hwy.
I waited for a few lights on the way to work.
I waited outside of my co-worker's house - as I was picking her up to take her to work this morning.
I waited at Tim Horton's
I waited for ...  well, you see.
We spend alot of time WAITING.

Sometimes I daydream while I wait. (at lights for instance)
Sometimes I get impatient.
Sometimes I just love people watching.
Sometimes I sing
Sometimes I look at my time, and worry that I have waited too long!

When I looked at the picture of our little grandson, it reminded me about how God has asked me/made me wait.  Not just once in my life.  Not twice.  Not even OFTEN.  He has had me waiting ALOT.
Sometimes the wait is short.  Sometimes it is like it takes forever.  Sometimes I actually forget I am waiting and just carry on with life - and then realize hey - the wait is over!!
It was like that when God entrusted me with the vision for Women refreshed at the Well back in 2000.
Yep - it was 8.5 years before He said - "get the ball rolling now"


Back in 2004 I had a friend who asked me why I just didn't get going - and look for a place to start the ministry in.  (No, it wasn't time)
Back in 2007 I began to feel that God was doing something and beginning to shake me up. (still wasn't time)
Then in 2008 - He said that it was the time.

In some ways - 4 years later - we are still waiting on some things - but we are seeing the progress.
Waiting is hard at times.
But when I believe that God is IN the waiting - it is usually much easier to wait patiently.

Lately, as I have been in the beginning pages of a book title Your Ears Will Hear by Steve and Evy Klassen, executive directors of The Mark Center as well as an online email devotional - I was reminded about God who sees us!!  EL ROI.  It is actually a God thing I think that within the last few days - a devotional on the same thing has come to my attention.  El Roi.  I realize today, and over my lifetime - I have come to realize that God DOES see me.  He cares about me.  He loves it when I come to Him with my praises, my thanks, my chatter, my love for him.  But the thing that I love is that HE SEES ME and loves me - quirky, messy, impatient, all of it!! He sees and loves ME.
When I am impatient in my waiting - HE is patient with me.

So, like our little Ev - I will carry on, doing what I can do for Him, and trying to patiently wait along this journey.  It is a journey - that is for sure!  I can wait some more - because I know at the end of the waiting - I will see where HE has been so present in my life.  And that alone makes the WAITING such an exciting part of this journey!  

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Ruth Z said...

Thanks, Joy! I found this very encouraging, even though I know nothing of waiting (ha)
Also LOVE the picture of the lil guy.