Saturday, August 4

doing the Noah-thing

Noah & Mrs. Noah, and family
One day in heaven, maybe the four of us will sit down over a great cup of coffee
Noah and his wife, Alvin and I.
Will we do those things in heaven?
I certainly hope so, because I have alto of things I want to ask people.
Like Noah for instance
I am feeling more and more, like I have a lot in common with him.
And maybe the four of us can exchange notes on "The Big Build"
Noah - you know, he built the ark.  Not just any ark, but THE ark!
The one that is talked about in the Bible.
Sometimes I tell people that we (Alvin and I) are doing the "Noah thing"

Here is what I mean.
He must have been quite the man - a man of God
because no where do I read, in the account from the Word of God,
no where does it say that Noah puts up a fuss,
or questions God.
he is just simply O-B-E-D-I-E-N-T
and in Genesis 6:22 it says that "Noah did everything that God told him to do!" (exclamation is mine)



God gave Noah the plan ~ measurements and all
God gave Noah the instructions about taking his family and also about the animals to take on board
Now, I have heard this story over and over and over
And every time I see a rainbow I remember again.
It was a favorite Sunday School story.

It was not just a normal thing to do - building an ark on DRY LAND.  And I sometimes wonder if Noah ever sighed or breathed heavily or wondered aloud "God, are you SURE you have the right person for this job?"
No doubt people asked lots of questions.
No doubt people teased him and jeered (he must have looked like a crazy person building this huge thing)
God asked him to do it - because GOD had the plan - the world had gotten so evil.  And God was sending a flood.

The plan, GOD's PLAN - was way bigger than the ark - but it included Noah, who was a man of integrity and walked with God.

I would like to ask Noah just how he felt - day in and day out - building this big thing because God told him to.
I would like to ask Noah if he just got plain tired from doing the job.
I would like to ask Noah if he would do it again, the same way.
I would like to ask Noah how he handled the on-lookers, the critics and those who perhaps doubted that he had really heard from God.
I would also like to ask him about the encouragement that he got along the way!

Obedience is costly.
And obedience is never easy.
But one thing about it - when God says something, you just have to listen.

I think that often we feel like we are doing the Noah thing for a number of reasons -

  • God gave a plan or a "vision" as we call it, and entrusted it to me/us
  • He called us to start something that is not a common thing - a retreat bed and breakfast?  (which is why it is ongoing to try to help people understand just what its purpose is and who it is intended for
  • Alvin has been working on some aspect of the build (first the barn/shop/loft and now the house, for 2 years.  (honestly, I do not know where the time has gone because it does not seem like two years)  And he likely won't readily admit it but I will for him. he is looking forward to the end!
  • Noah had the backing/support/help of his wife and family.  Alvin and I have that as well.  It was our son and daughter-in-law (Josh and Leah) who gave us the idea of selling Anola, to buy and build on Henderson.  Our kids - from the start - believed in what I heard God call me/us to, and are totally supportive of this Vision from God.
Noah - it does not say a bunch about him, but I figure he must have been quite the man!  Because - building something so big, is not for wimps.  Neither is standing up to the pressure of the public - watching, waiting, doubting, encouraging - all of it.  I know, because I stand alongside of "my" Noah, and see how, if it were not for the strength given from God - Alvin would not be able to do this huge build.  Noah - must have chipped away on it - until it was time to shut the door.  Alvin is chipping away on it too (along with the help of our boys) and will do so until it is time to "OPEN" the door.

And for now - I will continue to encourage, walk alongside, make meals for, run errands, and whatever else needs to be done until such time as we are done.  I will also look forward to that great cup of coffee in heaven - when we get to chat.  Then again, at that point - maybe I won't even want to know just how he got the job done and stayed sane!  

As God was the God of Noah - He is also our God today.  
He gives strength to those who need it, whether it is past, or present or future.
He called - we obeyed.
He gave the plan - we are building the plan.
It's not an ark, but it is a house bigger than we EVER intended to build at this age! (when we are actually closer to retirement age!)
Funny how God changes things up!


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Leah said...

Hey Mom~
I'm just SO PROUD of you for being brave enough to listen and do what God has asked of you. That takes courage! God asked Noah to build an ark because the world had become too evil...God has asked you to build the retreat house because the world has gotten too busy! Interesting parallel I think! Maybe we need to put a stained glass rainbow somewhere in the house. :)
Love you.