Wednesday, July 17


got up - ow, the squatting down in the garden - pulling weeds = some stiff legs
going to go out and get in the hot tub  - seems the water is a little murky - tested = chlorine is very low
so, I come back in - darn - where is my other shoe!!  And how come I am missing one of each pair that is at the back door.
looked everywhere = confused first thing in the morning
oh dear - seems I wore one of each upstairs when I first got out of bed = laughing at myself!! 
(how does one wear one of each shoe and NOT know??)  = early morning lol
boiled water - french press = good cup of coffee
good chair - quiet space to think, and journal and blog = happy person
decision to pull some weeds - visit by friend who is heading up our garden plan = smiles all around
Maxine comes with not only garden tools but also her parents who are awesome gardeners = gardening begins (after a quick lunch at Half Moon :)
pulling weeds - hot sun - hot black soil - some swet beads rolling down forehead = a sense of accomplishment
cold ice water - cold watermelon - good conversation = sweet afternoon
moving wooden pegs - the sound of buzzing - being chased by wasps = 1 sting (not happy)
the waterfall is pegged out - hugs all around - and thank-you's = garden has begun
potatoes in baking - meat is barbecuing - and supper is shared with some of our kids = I am happy
hugs and cuddles with grand baby - a short visit and a wave good-bye = bedtime for Mattie
clean up the kitchen - and spend a quiet evening at home = we love being together

repeat tomorrow - slightly different but all the more thankful that God gives us such snipets in each day!!

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