Tuesday, February 25

This Granny is doing it … baby steps - one day at a time (with God's help)

I struggle a lot with my weight.  It makes me feel awful.  It has robbed me of great joy.  I remember once when I was down on myself, my daughter told me to stop calling myself a loser.  That was an eye opener - and a wake up call.  It also made me very sad.  Years have passed since then.  My struggle is still my struggle and I figure it always will be in one form or another.  Lets face it - we all have our stuff.  Some of us just "wear" it more visibly.   My weight has been one of those things - and over and over again, especially in the last few years, I have seen how my spiritual health is strongly connected to the other parts of me - mental, BIG TIME emotional connection, and HUGE physical connection.  It is all intertwined in this hard to explain way.  Until I realized as I was reading a devotional … (not like it was a new thought, but it just struck me new) that God made me this way - he made me to be intertwined in all areas of my whole being.  He made me to be dependent on HIM but I have taken that, and instead depended on whatever was close enough to eat in times of stress, or sadness, or depression … you name it, I ate my way through it.  I have come a long way - although it is only in the past six months that I think it is finally sinking in and "clicking" in my being.  SO I am on a journey here too - or still - I know some of you who know me will say, "ya, one more thing Joy"  "I will believe it when I see it"  or "we will give you a few months and it will be back to the same old."  I guess by putting it out there as a POST … I am making myself at risk for all those things to be said, IF I regress - but well, part of the whole thing is being vulnerable and admitting that this IS a struggle.  EMOTIONAL EATING is a real thing for me - and for many.  And I want it to stop.  I want to change.  I want to get healthy.  I want to cut my risks.  I want to most of all - be able to run and play for many years, Lord willing, with my grandchildren.   I don't want to be an old lady before my time!  SO … I am moving ahead - one day at a time - with God as my strength - and with friends who are there for me as cheerleaders AND also some as accountability partners (you know who you guys are).    I am onto it - and this time, O Lord - help me to get healthy and stay there!!  I know with God's help - this Granny is doing it - perhaps just baby steps, but one day at a time!!

 I wrote more about what I am doing - but that is a different post, on a different blog, if you really want to read it.    www.thisgrannycan.blogspot.ca

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