Sunday, February 2

so let my words be few

This morning I am just delighting in the love of my Lord.  Can't explain it, but I just feel it.  His closeness.  His presence.  His love.

I have been thinking of that a lot lately - about HIS love for me.  WOW.  It is quite something.  But often I don't think I even grasp a tad of it!  It is just that big.  Sometimes in my own moods (yep, ask my husband, I have them!!) I sometimes just try carrying on and don't give the Lord the time and position in my life.  I just sometimes do thing in my own strength.  (relate to this?)

But this morning, as I have retreaters here, I am unable to sit in the pews at our church.  But down in our suite, I had a SWEET time with HIM.  Like I said - words can not express it.  And sometimes, that is okay ... but it made me think of a song which can!

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