Tuesday, January 28

time ~ my friend, and my worst enemy

helping my dad

playing outside - lived at 1190 Inkster Blvd.

With my siblings (1997)
(as you look at the picture:  Brian, Mary-Ann, Tim, Heather and me)

me and my girls, Ashley and Leah (2009)

Oh my, where does time go? (this was what I wrote in my journal the morning of my son's 32nd birthday)

Time ~
You are my friend and my worst enemy.
You grow me, mature me, bring wisdom
But you also make me feel old!
You speed by - a blurr of days...
And other times - drag along, like a wounded snail.

Time ~
You've made me who I am
     by giving me more teachable moments than I could count
     more laughter than at times I thought I could handle
     more tears than at times I could wipe
     more conversations that made me depend on God.

Time ~
you've brought strength,
and joy in my life.
You are my friend.

But, you've also been my worst enemy,
as you've brought
     unexpected pain - strong enough to literally bring me to my knees in sorrow
     unexpected and unwanted loss -
     lives taken before their maturity
     my grandson
     my friends
     my niece
Young, but taken
Time ordained by God.

Time ~
you've been my worst enemy
as my body ages
     and NOT so gracefully I may add!
All of it losing its shape to your effects of time passing
day upon weeks
upon months
upon years

Time ~
best friend
worst enemy
And yet, it's all the middle part to an eternal story
A middle part of continual loving and learning
of going and growing
of becoming and being

Time ~
a combo of who I was
who I am
and who I will become

Time ~
my friend
my enemy
my life, my time
"ordained by (MY) God, before even one day came to be."

you are actually all in all
my friend.

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