Tuesday, January 28


Since we were in Mexico last week, I did not post anything last week.  So here it is today - belated, but nothing changed, except I love my kids even more than I did a week ago!!  

My son.
My firstborn.
You came into the world early, on the coldest day of that year.
But you warmed our hearts with this indescribable love
We knew it was going to happen
But didn't realize how much we would be smitten
You grew and grew and grew
You had a zest for life - one that I see in your own kids now
So much in fact that sometimes I think my mouth is hanging open as I watch them play
You loved everything about life
You loved to read (which is still something you do alot of)
You loved to perform (hmmmm... where did that come from)
I remember your first performance as Santa Claus in your school program.
You loved to make people laugh
And we noticed that whenever you would attempt to do this whether it was to tell a joke or anything that would make us laugh, your eyes would water.
I think that still happens.
I watched you grow.
I loved hearing you tell me how much you loved me.
I picked you up when you fell
I encouraged you as you grew
I sang you songs as I rocked you (some of the same songs I have sung to your kids)
I tickled your back, and told you stories
I made your teddy bear "Ricky Klassen" come to life
And mailed him to you when you lived in Brandon and went to fire school
Sure, there were some hard times
Doesn't every kid grow into their teens and become adults forged out of the "forming years"
Sometimes I didn't agree with what you did
But you always always knew I loved you regardless
Because you see my firstborn, my son - I loved you with a love that is quite unique between a mom and her child.
And I think the mother/son relationship is unique just as a mother/daughter relationship is also.
You have grown...
Fallen in love and married the love of you life.
You have grown and matured more
Followed God with an insatiable thirst
You have taught me alot about following Him.
You are a husband, and a daddy to some sweet kids.
You are a brother and a son
You are a co-worker who is dependable and hardworking
You are a friend who is loyal and trustworthy
You are YOU ...
And I say to you my son, my firstborn -
From the day we found out we were expecting -
To the day we held you in our arms
To the day I had the privilege of hearing you give your heart to Jesus
To the day I saw you walk down the aisle with Leah
To the day we knew you were going to be a dad
Through the deepest sorrow, through the greatest joy
Through the sleepless nights (that are not over yet for you and L)
Through each season of your and my life ...
I just want you to know dear Son
This momma loves you!!
More than you will ever know.
Happy Birthday Son.

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