Monday, March 24

My Daughter - my sweet friend

I love you sweet Ashley!

My sweet daughter with my other sweet daughter!

I will never forget this photo taking day!!
3 months.

My baby is a mommy!

I love you Ashley - Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, March 23rd, 2014 was my baby girl's birthday!
Ashley Marie - this momma loves you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow!!

Today we celebrated my second born - or as I sometimes still call her - my baby girl.
How can it be sweet One - that you were born 29 years ago - how can that be?
I hardly feel old enough to have a 29 year old (or a 32 year old)
Where does time go?
O my, where DOES it go?

We had birthday breakfast today - and then birthday cake after some hot tubbing
It works this way - with the boys self employed - actually all of us are self-employed and can make our own schedules, along with the boys WFD schedules.
Breakfast - pancakes, hash browns, bacon, sausages, fruit and eggs
Oh dear, scratch the eggs - I forgot to make them!

Sweet Daughter - where did the time go -
I watch you and you are a mommy to our first granddaughter.
I watch you and see so much of myself - so much of dad.
You are a unique but sweet blend!

I think back to this time 29 years ago - you were sleeping in a little hospital bassinet, in my room.
The room I shared with 4 other women.
I remember feeling like God had given us the desire of our hearts.
We had prayed for a little girl, a sister for Josh.
And we only had a girl name picked out.  Although the second name was either going to be Marie or Nicole.
I love Ashley Marie.
So did Oma especially, since it sounded like her name, which was Maria.
I remember bringing you home - all the snow had melted the two days we were in the hospital.
The snow was gone and the ditches were full of water.
The first night you slept right through the night - and when we realized that, we went running into your room.
It was before the days of the baby monitor - and we were scared cause you hadn't made a peep.
You were a little blond hair munchkin.
We called you pumpkin.
Well - then Dad, who is famous for nicknames - added a few more sweet endearing nicknames.
Pump, Pumpkin, Pumpy, Ash, Ashes, …
but most of all you were my sweet little one, and man, my mom heart was so thrilled.
Josh loved you too.
Sure you guys fought a little - more so in  your teen years -
I remember the time you told him - "the two things I love, piano and singing, and you want me to stop!"
Oh sweet siblings.
You brought joy to my life with your twirling,
and your stubbornness
and your singing - oh,
you loved to sing!!
You and I spent many hours in the car - driving to Mennonite Children's choir practices, and performances.
You and I rode into the city alone, when Josh went to kindergarten.
You were the only one that wrote on the wall …
and well, you also stuck Sweet Tarts up your nose and got your brother in trouble.
You loved little animals
You loved your friends
You loved your grandparents
You loved your brother
You loved your teachers
You loved LIFE …
You grew up, and I watched as you cared for your friends
I watched as you got hurt by your friends once in a while
But the one thing I noticed was how forgiving you were.
You were quick to forgive
and seemingly quick to forget.
I love that about you.
You are an encourager - and have always encouraged me as your mom.
You have accomplished so much in life-
And you have also walked over a few hurdles.
You have shown me how to overcome things …
And I love that about you - how you continue to model to me a life of walking with Jesus!
You sweet daughter - are now grown up -
You are my daughter first - and sister - and sister-in-law,
You are now wife, mom and daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law.
I have to share you now - :)
I just want to say how much you mean to me -
Words can't describe it.
On this birthday - I wish you an amazing year ahead - beginning with moving into your brand new home which has been lovingly built.
I am so happy and proud of you both.
Sweet Daughter - Ashley Marie - I love you.
happy birthday!!
love mom

PS  I love you MORE than 55555555555555555555 and always will.
Remember when you thought 5 was the biggest number!!

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ashleymarie said...

Thanks mom!!
I love you more than 55555 too :)