Sunday, March 16

She would have been 92 today

Today is her birthday.  The sweetest woman in the world to me.
She would have been 92 today.
But I picture her in heaven, looking the most beautiful that I could ever imagine.
And somehow, in my picture, she doesn't look old.
My mom, oh how I miss her.
I wish she had seen the kids grow up, and fall in love and get married.
I wish she could have held the grandkids, although I know she has been spending time with Jay.
But the ones here - I wish she could see them growing up.

There are so many things that I remember about my mom.
I long to be like her.
She was just like no other woman I know.
Never said a bad thing about anyone.
She did not gossip.
She was kind, gentle and loving.
She packed parcels for families on the mission field
And took meals to those who needed one.
Even when her eyesight failed her, she still wrote notes, using a black felt pen so that she could see her words.

So often, I have wanted to talk with my mom.
To get her feedback on something.
To hear her tell me that things would be okay
To hear her pray for me
Or better still, to come upon her, as she was quietly spending time with God.
Those were sacred and holy moments.

She taught me alot about life
She used to fix her hair and put on a bit of blush and lipstick before my dad got home from work.
She used to have this way of giving her anxious and worrisome moments to God
She showed me how to be a mom, but also how to be a wife who stood by her man
She taught me alot about trusting God for everything.

My mom - oh how I miss her.
Today, as I met with God this morning, I asked him if he would just let my mom know how much I missed her, and love her.
I know we will be together again.
I also know that she is not longer in pain with her diabetes caused issues.
She no longer has a foot that needs to be healed
She no longer has to give herself three needles a day
She no longer sees only shadows, but sees clearly.
How she must have loved to see the face of her Lord whom she loved and served.
My mom.
The kids Granny.
My grandkids Great Granny.
It has been almost 18 years
it feels like forever
it feels like yesterday
how does that work?

Happy birthday Mom.
I love you
I miss you
I will see you again
I hope you have had an amazing birthday in heaven.
You are forever in my heart!

love your daughter,

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