Sunday, June 7

57 reasons I love my life!

Well ... my birthday was yesterday.  I turned 57.  Yes.  57.
I realize that "years ago" when I was young (LOL) I thought that 57 was old!
Now believe me, it doesn't seem so old!
Where does time go.

I thought perhaps I would share 57 points on what I love about my life!!

  1. Jesus
  2. my husband of almost 37 married years, and almost 41 years since we started dating
  3. my children and their spouses, who I also refer to as my kids:  In the order they came into our family:  Joshua (son) Ashley (daughter) Leah (d-i-l) and Michael (s-i-l)  
  4. My grandchildren:  Jay, who is in Heaven since July 2008; Everett, Roger and Matilda. You bring me so much joy.
  5. my parents:  Gerald Henry Thomas and Verna Mildred Elsie (Ladell) Thomas aka DOLLY
  6. My siblings and their families:  Mary-Ann and Nelson; Heather and Greg, Tim and Jody, Brian; Angie; Elleanore and Ray; Neil and Ingrid; Ruth and Todd; Rick and Corinna
  7. My nieces and nephews:  (in order of birth) Keri (in Heaven), Mel and husband Grant,   Gord and wife Janice; Amanda and soon to be husband Dan, Samantha and husband Blake, Cassandra and boyfriend Mark; Joel; Rachel, Adrian, Daniel T.,  Miranda, Jonathan, Daniel, Sarah, Nicholas.  
  8. My friends - you know who you are, and the place you hold in my life.  Some of you have been in my life a very very long time!!  
  9. my church - so blessed by our pastors!!  Eastview Community Church - we love being a part of this community.
  10. my care group
  11. The ministry that God has called me to - Women Refreshed at the Well.  We have yet to see what God is all up to here with this ministry
  12. my Bible (just bought myself a new one!!)
  13. journalling
  14. music
  15. where we live - close to the city - but in the country
  16. songbirds that sing
  17. flowers that are growing
  18. the sound of leaves rustling
  19. blue clouds
  20. bluejays
  21. sound of coyotes howling
  22. frogs croaking
  23. sunrises
  24. sunsets
  25. falling start
  26. northernlights
  27. late night hot tubbing
  28. early morning hot tubbing
  29. exercising under Richard's expertise
  30. sound of my grandkids laughter
  31. hugs
  32. kisses
  33. having my family together
  34. reading books
  35. knitting prayer shawls
  36. good bold Red Lake Coffee
  37. crackling fires
  38. chocolate
  39. red wine
  40. laughing till tears run
  41. cold pillows while I sleep
  42. watching first snow fall
  43. walking
  44. hearing the Blue Jays call
  45. watching eagles soar
  46. music
  47. sitting by the ocean
  48. travelling
  49. feeling sand between my toes
  50. cottage time
  51. riding in the convertible
  52. getting cards in the mail
  53. coffee with friends
  54. watching a good movie
  55. sharing my story with others (God is amazing!!)
  56. napping in the sun
  57. ministry:  Women Refreshed at the Well, and other ministry as God sees fit for me
yes, I could likely go on - however for now - these are the 57 reasons that I came up with and I am thankful to God for ... there are way more - I just wrote them as they came to mind.

Thank you LORD for forgiving me - for being my Saviour.  You are my number ONE.
I love you ...
My life is in YOUR hands.
Thank you for these few reasons - you have richly blessed me.
I love you - and thank you for my life.

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