Thursday, July 9

HE asks me if I get it?


It’s all about grace
my amazing grace
full, overflowing
amazing grace!
That’s it - in a tight little nutshell

how do I live in it?

This morning, the LORD challenged me with those thoughts
asking me if I get it fully
if I live in it?
and if I reach out because of it?
and more so, do I extend it to others.

I hear Him speak to me 
and write down the words as He talks
I sit back
silencing the many thoughts about many things on this day
and focus on this one question to me
HIS question
“do you get it?”

While I believe that I do -
I cannot help but be reminded of the reactions I’ve had -
the thoughts in response to situation,
perhaps even a laugh or two at a story at the expense of another
(often not present as the story is being told)
what does grace have to do with my every day?
absolutely everything!
and grace

His grace covers me -
but it also needs to flow through me
regardless of how people make me feel
i need to respond in and with grace
Regardless of how people may hurt my feelings with words or actions
I need to respond in and with grace
Regardless of broken promises, unfulfilled commitments
underserved ridicule or laughter at my expense
perceived or unperceived
Always Grace!!

Grace - as Jesus showed us - it is undeserved.
My grace is undeserved yet fully given
no strings attached
given out of the greatest most unconditional love ever ... through Jesus dying for my sin

It’s all about grace
my life
my reason for being
my hope for eternity with Jesus
my faith is grounded and alive because of His grace
I am redeemed
and because of that I stand amazed by grace
that I (such as I am)
have this life - this promise - this relationship with Jesus

It’s all about grace
as I see others
talk with others
pray for others
interact with others
in all situations
in all circumstances - good and bad ...
Grace prevails

As He asked me this morning “do you get it”
I stop
I revel in the feeling of tangible grace wash over me, into me, through me
and whisper with a voice of awe
Yes LORD yes ..  I get it.

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